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The last episode of Marvels: Agents of Shield entitled ‘One of Us’ may have just revealed the infamous Inhuman Black Bolt.


Upon discovering Mister Hyde has infiltrated a psychiatric ward that housed two mentally unstable inmates on the powers index, Director Coulson tells us that of the two patients in the ward, one is a military assassin that was obsessed with finding new ways to kill people, and more importantly, the other has certain vocal powers.

Coulson tells us this mysterious David A. Angar had his vocal chords exposed to experimental energy blasts that got rid of some kind of tumours but left him with a voice that triggers the central nervous system, inducing immediate catatonia with the slightest whisper. Those are powers that are pretty similar to a certain well known Inhuman.

Is this Black Bolt himself with a different origin perhaps? Maybe he will be exposed to the Terrigen mists afterwards?

Not quite. First off Black Bolt is a member of the Inhuman ruling class and secondly he was originally exposed to the Terrigen mists as an embryo. David Alan Angar is actually a villain from the Daredevil comics known as Angar the Screamer or Scream.

Of course, it was always unlikely they would reveal as major a character as Black Bolt on the TV series considering [The Inhumans](movie:910490) have their own film coming out sometime around 2018-19, but it was an interesting ode to the man himself; Blackagar Boltagon. I'm convinced the [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) writers were making this reference as an an allude to the future reveal, a kind of 'you thought Edgar was bad, wait till you meet this guy' kind of deal; a way of showing the true power of the Terrigen mists.

Guess this is what happens if you don't brush your teeth for several years. Yikes.

All in all the episode certainly made for an interesting one with more of Sky's powers as Quake being revealed and the Inhumans plot line opening up further. I've got to say, I'm more and more impressed with Agents of Shield each few episodes. The show has really turned itself around from the first season and is now easily one of the best superhero genre shows out there at the moment. Yes there are still corny moments, and some dialogue issues, but most of these superhero shows have that.

I'm very interested to see what else might come of this season, is Mister Hyde about to meet the genetics council? And who else do you think might be revealed on the Inhumans roster? ! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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