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Thomas Marsula

There was something about this show that I felt attached to. It cause seeing a character have a job then not be that good at that job always caught my attention, sort of like Invader Zim. I think with some new material and some improvements in looks I can defiantly see this show coming back. This is one of the very few shows I liked to follow the main character the most. Ickis from what I recall made a human friend much like say something like Casper. Ickis had an overall better look and at least tried at times. The next show was also amazing.


This show had heart, passion and had me tearing up when some of the characters had to fade away. This show had amazing humor and the connection for the characters. I want to see this show return as well. It paced it self rather well with a mix of comedy and heart warm/breaking moments. Seeing characters grow and get better is what I'm all about. Seeing this show return would be amazing. I think newer shows could learn from shows like this one for heart warming moments. There are too many other classics when it comes to classic shows I miss. Some of come back and faded again and some have just sort of taken a backseat.


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