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The Avengers. Earth's mightiest heroes. constantly assembling and disassembling, always evolving so that they can stop the threats from far beyond our galaxy.

Here is my take on who can kick ass as one of the...AVENGERS.

#1 IRON MAN : Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is no stranger to playing self centred, highly unpredictable and humorous characters who tend to egotistical scoundrels, and highly eccentric yet intelligent characters, so in terms of characterisation Depp would be a perfect fit. Its a bonus having the right look too, the facial hair is similar to the Stark in the comics.

#2 Hawkeye : John Barrowman

from Torchwood.
from Torchwood.

Everyone knows John Barrowman from Doctor Who, Torchwood and more recently Arrow. He is an extremely talented and diverse actor, he is willing to do his own stunts, and can be a brisk and stern character when it comes to protecting the ones closest to him, it also helps that he knows a bit about archery too.

#3 Black Widow : Ronda Rousey

Roooondaaaaaa Rrrrouseeeeyyyy, a professional Judoka, UFC/MMA fighter and she has some acting credentials to her name - a brawling beauty known worldwide for being crowned the World champion and she's in the upcoming Furious 7. Although Scarlett Johansson is killing it as the Black Widow - Ronda could give Scarlet a run for her money.

#4 Captain America : Sebastian Stan

Winter Soldier (2014).
Winter Soldier (2014).

Yes, he's in the MCU already, and yes he plays the Winter Soldier, but he has enough experience and practically has had a shot at being Captain America (see above), but this leads him to be in the running for the role of Steve Rogers - he would be awesome fighting alongside Ronda and John Barrowman.

#5 Dr Bruce Banner : David Tennant

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

Similarly to Sebastian Stan, David Tennant is already in the MCU, having been recently cast as Kilgrave in A.K.A Jessica Jones - but his perfomances in Doctor Who and Broadchurch shows us that he could play and extravagant, highly intellectual and sometimes mentally unstable character, and one can only imagine the awesome chemistry between David Tennant, John Barrowman and Depp. Tennant would be both the brains and the brawn of the team, Barrowman the military duty obsessed archer and Depp the egotistical self appointed leader.

#6 Quick Silver : Ezra Miller

Bit controversial as Ezra Miller has been officially cast as DC ' cinematic version of the Flash, but his looks and acting capabilities makes him the number one contestant to play Marvel's version of Quick Silver. Perhaps Miller was born to play a speedster.

#7 Scarlet Witch : Lily Collins

I mean what can I say, Collins practically already looks like Scarlet Witch, so she's half way there. Just imagine Collins playing the vulnerable younger sister to Ezra Miller's Quick Silver, the adorable "Miracle" who has absolutely no idea how destructive and expansive her hex powers truly are.

#8 The Vision: Liam Neeson

Imagine the vision hovering around shooting Ultron bots with his laser beam, he opens his mouth and you hear the deep terrifying voice of Liam Neeson, he would cast fear into the hearts of all his enemies and would become more vocal and perhaps even lead the Avengers, he may not look a lot like the Vision but the CGI should take care of that.

#9 Thor : Margot Robbie

Bare with me for this one. No one said Thor had to be a huge, bearded man, though Chris Hemsworth is doing an incredible job at playing the God of thunder. I felt like adding a twist to the Avengers lineup as in the comics a female Thor is currently wilding the almighty Mjolnir. Put a picture of Margot Robbie and Thor next to each other and you'll see the resemblance.

Not only does Mrgot Robbie look like she's capable of wielding the Mjolnir, but she's also got the credentials from hit movies such as Focus and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Thank you for checking my opinionated recast of the current Avengers team.

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