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Just a couple of weeks ago we got our final full trailer for "AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON" but the persistent folks at Marvel couldn't leave us alone and dropped this minute long TV Spot that might be the best look we've had at the film so far! Take a look:

The trailer begins with the brand new Quinjet coming in for landing at the brand spanking new Avengers tower (formerly Stark tower). Tony goes on to explain that Cap is in fact the 'boss', Tony just buys and designs everything and makes "everyone look cooler".

This short but very impressive TV Spot is basically a showcase for all of our main characters.

First of we of course have Iron Man: "Time to work for a living", we get a little glimpse at Tony's new Iron Man armor.

Captain America: This might be the coolest thing we've seen Cap do yet, as he's riding his motorcycle through the snowy woods, he flips it up and tosses it into a oncoming enemy vehicle.

Black Widow: Widow is just doing what she does best, acrobatically beating up every bad guy in sight.

Hulk: We don't really get any new Hulk footage, but I'm pretty satisfied with what we've seen already. This TV Spot again adds onto the rumor that Hulk and Widow may have a romance brewing in this film, their relationship has certainly improved since the first film either way.

Thor: One of the biggest standout scenes in the first film was the impressive shot of all the Avengers fighting together around New York city, collaborating their powers together to defeat their enemy. It looks like we might get more of that as here we see Thor bat Captain America's indestructible shield like a softball through a squad of Ultron's drones. "It's all in the swing".

Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner has openly admitted that he wasn't very happy with his role in the first film, it looks like he has a lot more to do here and rightfully earns his place as an Avenger. It looks like he's talking to Scarlet Witch and Behind The Scenes photos have shown the two fighting together. "If you step out that door, you're an Avenger"

Scarlet Witch: The female Maximoff twin doesn't get any new footage here but again we see that very badass shot of her throwing of an energy beam to the side without even looking at her target.

Quicksilver: There is a lot of speculation that Quicksilver might not make it through the entirety of Avengers 2 but either way it looks like he is going to have a lot of fun scenes. The Quicksilver we saw in last years "X-MEN Days Of Future Past" was a snarky, quick and unforgettable character but he did lack the accent that he rocks in the comics and cartoons. It looks like Aaron Taylor Johnson is doing just the opposite and hamming it up with a very European accent. "You didn't see that coming?"

Ultron: "It's time for some fun" Ultron declares as he commands his forces onto the Avengers.

"Avengers: Age Of Ultron" hits UK theaters on April 23rd and US theaters on May 1st!


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