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Jason Voorhees has been the topic in the horror movie community for years. The reason is there's mystery of why he can't die, and he keeps returning. My name is Titus Peoples, a Jason Voorhees fan since my days of elementary school have theory that will blown your mind...

Pamela and Elias (Jason's father) were members of a satanic cult. They worshipped demons and other hell spawn. Pamela and Elias violated an important rule of the demonic society which is, MEMBERS SHALL NOT FRATERNIZE WITH OTHERS. Not only did they violate the rule, in consequence Pamela becomes pregnant with child. The rule of the consequence will go as stands, and female cult member who get pregnant without proper arrangement, her and the baby shall be proper sacrificed to demons they worship. Knowing this, both Jason's parents fled into hiding adopting the name Voorhees and went on the run. Elias knowing what he would become, due to the ancient belief left Pamela. Pamela now alone and pregnant child, hid along the countryside opening a camp called Camp Crystal Lake.

Fast forward...

Jason was born in the world an abomination. He was supposed to be offered to the demons but he wasn't, this is the reason he was born deformed. When Jason died due to the ritual that was suppose be at hand, his spirit wasn't properly laid to rest so Jason spirit wandered the camp site haunting his mother for years driving her insane.

Fast forward...

Pamela goes crazy and becomes vengeful. She knows the only way she can get Jason's spirit to leave her alone is by killing counselors, offering them to the demon spawns she worship. When she is finally killed (beheaded) her spirit not being offered up wandered as well. Jason and his mother spirit manifested into one and the dark energy matter of the two is what brought Jason back to life, making him a hell spawn on earth. He has the only dark energy source that he can live off and fuel him, and that is the dark energy coming from his mother's head. This is the reason why in movies, he kept her head and displayed her as a shrine (worshipping the energy). He being the child of mother (the carrier) who worshipped demons, she would have to be properly offered up. In order for Jason to die, his mother's spirit would have to be properly laid to rest in order for his spirit to do so as well. Pamela's head would have to be attached back to her body, she be brought back from the dead, and killed again..this time being offered to the demons she worship.

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