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Back in the 90's, Rareware made a game called "Banjo-Kazooie." Little did we know that there would be so much history and mystery behind it. If you have played the game, you know it is considered one of Rare's best games in the company's history.

Let me give you a summary of the game for those of you that do not know about it. We open the game with Gruntilda, the main enemy of Banjo, a honey bear and Kazooie, the breegull who hangs out is Banjo's backpack. Gruntilda is talking to her pot, named Dingpot. She asks, "Dingpot, Dingpot by the bench. who is the nicest looking wench?" Dingpot answers, "Why it's Grunty any day, she really takes my breath away!" Grunty is happy about this, but then Dingpot mentions something about "this girl." Gruntilda is furious. She yells," What do you mean, this cannot be, there's no one prettier than me!" Dingpot tells Grunty of the aforementioned girl. Her name his "Tooty," Banjo's sister. She is described as "Young and small, the prettiest girl of all!" Grunty argues that "Nicer beauty can't be had!" Dingpot then says, Grunty will find that Tooty is cute and kind. Grunty yells. "We will see about that!" She hops on her broom and flies off to Spiral Mountain, which is Banjo's home. Gruntilda's Lair overlooks Spiral Mountain. Tooty is frolicking in Spiral Mountain and she talks to "Bottles," who is a short-sighted mole that wears glasses. She wants to play with Banjo, but he is sleeping. Bottles spots something in the sky and asks if that is Tooty's brother. Tooty knows that it is not him. It is Gruntilda. She kidnaps Tooty and we cut to Banjo sleeping. Kazooie looks out the window and notices Grunty kidnapping Tooty, She warns Banjo and he wakes up and their adventure starts. In game you collect "Jiggies," or Jigsaw/Puzzle Pieces. You use these to fill in the missing pieces to Pitcure Puzzle all through the game. When you have enough, you can complete the Picture Puzzle and open the world.

Before I get to the history part of the article, will mention how the game works. Banjo is a bear and Kazooie is a Breegull or bird. Banjo can walk around, while Kaazooie has to hang in Banjo's backpack. Banjo has some of the moves, while Kazooie can shoot eggs, use moves while teaming with Banjo, and can get up steep slopes.

Now to the history of this game. For those of you who have played, you know of the nine main worlds. "Mumbo's Mountain," "Treasure Trove Cove," "Clanker's Cavern," "Bubble Gloop Swamp," "Freezeezy Peak," "Gobi's Valley." "Mad Monster Mansion," "Rusty Bucket Bay," and "Click Clock Wood."

There are only a handul of people, as far as a know who know about the seven dropped worlds. The first is "Mount Fire Eyes." This was supposed to be a lava themed world. It got dropped due to time issues. We can see hints of this world in the game. When you get to open Gobi's Valley you will notice that the picture puzzle is in a room that his filled with lava. You only have a small walkway that helps you cross the lava. A small path is also in this area. You can walk on it as the Pumpkin Transformation, but you can also do this as Banjo and Kazooie. This has been believed to have been the possible entrance to Mount Fire Eyes. This is strange because Gobi's Valley is a desert themed world with no lava to speak of. Also, in Click Clock Wood, a seasoned themed world, our heroes need Gobi the camel's water to help a plant grow. After using his water for a second time, he says he is going to the "Lava World." There is no Lava World in the game. This made players realize that there was originally a Lava World in the game and was thought to be near where where the Gobi's Valley now resides. The world you get to when you leave the Lava Room is "Mad Monster Mansion." "Mount Fire Eyes" did come in the form of "Hailfire Peaks," a lava/snow themed world in the sequel, Banjo-Tooie.

Another world that was dropped was "Fungi Forrest." We can see hints of this level where the Click Clock Wood's Picture Puzzle is. Instead of featuring signs of all four seasons, it is forest themed. This made players think this could have been the Picture Puzzle for Fungi Forrest. We can see a picture of Banjo and Kazooie in Fungi Forrest on a picture in Banjo's House. This world became "Fungus Forrest" in "Donkey Kong 64," another game made my Rareware on the Nintendo 64. The entrance to this level also could have been where the Click Clock Wood's Picture Puzzle now stands. Hackers found a snippet of music that could have been from that world, but it was from another dropped world entitled, "Giant's Lair."

The level "Giant's Lair" was a beta level that later became "Grunty's Lair." It is a temple that is in an oasis, dessert area. We can see a video of Banjo and Kazooie in this level, but it was dropped.

"Hammerhead Beach" was another dropped level. This was the original name for Treasure Trove Cove an island themed world. Just like Fungi Forrest, we can see this world in Banjo's House. Also, at the end of the game, we can see our characters on an island not shown in the game. A girl in a bikini even walks by. This is believed to be this level. Using a GameShark Code, you can visit this level. This is something you cannot do during the main gameplay.

"Prickly Pear Island" is another dropped level. The only thing we know about this is a music track of the world's possible theme music.

One other world was called "Weird West." This was a beta world in "Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts." Nothing is mentioned about this being in Banjo-Kazooie. To add to that, there are no hints of it in the game. This was most likely a separate world that was only used in "Nuts & Bolts."

That is the History of this amazing game called Banjo-Kazoie. This is all from memory and research. I could go into more history about "Stop N' Swap," but that is another long article that can be written later.


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