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Known for his role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the hit CBS series The Big Bang Theory, actor Jim Parsons has told MTV UK that he would next like to portray the Riddler! Watch the video posted below!

We feel we must agree with Dr. Cooper. The last time we saw a live-action take on the Riddler was in the disappointing 1995 sequel Batman Forever. More recently, the character has shown up numerous times on the prequel series Gotham, portrayed by the brilliant Cory Michael Smith.

But, we feel you can never have enough Eddie Nigma. Even if Parsons were to lend his pipes to an upcoming DC Animated Original Movie where he could voice the classic Batman villain, we feel he'd do a great job in the role - be it animated or live-action.

What do the fans think? Could you see Jim Parsons dawning a green suit and taking up the role? We sure could!

(Source: MTV UK)

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