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Maybe not the best of the best but these TV shows are the only TV shows that no matter how old are you .. You should watch them ... I present them to you in no particular order

#4 Kenan and Kel

You might see Kenan Thompson on SNL! but he got his start on a TV show about orange soda addiction ... This show shaped generations of sitcoms

Worth the watch

#3 Victorious

Catchy songs : check

Handsome guy : Check

A scary girl : check

A weirdo with a puppet : check

This show follows Tori Vega played by Victoria Justice after she became a Hollywood Arts student .. Sadly .. this TV show was cancelled after 3 seasons ... the third season was split into two seasons though .. which left us craving for more music and laughter from Dan Schneider ..

#2 Drake and Josh

One of the best Sitcoms on TV period. Following the lives of two step brothers and an evil sister ... You will laugh at their witty humor and interesting plots

#1 iCarly

"I'm Carly "

"I'm Sam"

" .. and this has been iCarly "

After that moment you will probably cry .. A lot. But fear not because This show will make you laugh A LOT ... Very impressive cast and appearances by JIm Parsons , Jack Black and the First Lady of USA make this show the best Dan Schneider production yet!

I hope you enjoyed my first article

More to come hopefully ..

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