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Hello my energetic readers! As you probably know, Marvel and Disney are now part of the same family after Disney bought Big M. When people first heard of this deal a long time ago, a lot of them were pretty outraged, myself included. But in all honesty, it's not as bad as we thought. Marvel, with the help of Disney has managed to shell out some amazing films and some pretty great animated Disney XD shows. Some lines were nearly crossed when Phineas and Ferb met our favorite heroes, but all in all it was a pretty good special that, in my personal opinion, just needed a little work.

But ever since that day, when Disney bought Marvel, I've been dreading the worse. I'm just waiting for the dreadful day when Disney announces a live-action Disney Channel Avengers movie! I know it will probably never happen, but I'm still fearful. I make it no secret that I don't like Disney Channel, and I REALLY hate Disney Channel Original Movies! As a kid, I loved them. But these DCOM's today? horrible. But maybe that's just the nostalgia in me clouding my better judgment. Either way, if Disney were to make an Avengers DCOM, they'd probably use their own stars. Though I probably wouldn't like it, I at least would like to see the cast done right. So here are my choices for an Avengers DCOM! Listen up Disney!

[Note: This list contains only current Disney Channel stars. As such, I didn't know much about them. But thanks to Google, and my little siblings, I have become knowledgeable!]

[Second Note: I am aware that these choices are primarily on Disney XD, not Channel. But XD is essentially the same as Channel, especially since Disney XD shows are shown on Disney Channel all the time.]

First on the list:

Olivia Holt as Black Widow!

Olivia Holt is known for her roles in I Didn't Do It and Kickin' It. In the latter, she's a karate and gymnastics expert! But not only does she act like a karate expert, she actually is one! As a young girl, she excelled in gymnastics and cheerleading, and wanted to pursue a career in acting.

She auditioned for Kickin' It by showing off her gymnastic skills, and got the part. After that, she learned karate along with her cast members. This is why I chose I her for Natasha Romanoff! Black Widow is agile, flexible and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Olivia already has experience in martial arts and gymnastics, so she'd definitely be prepared to play Black Widow!

Billy Unger as Bruce Banner!

Billy Unger plays Chase Davenport on the Disney XD show, Lab Rats. Chase is a teenager with bionic powers. He has enhanced intelligence, giving him the ability to access any information he wants. Basically, he's Google in human form.

With such an intelligent character under his belt, I think he'd be a good Bruce Banner. He'd definitely have the intelligent side of Banner down, and as for the hulking green monster part, all he has to do is roar and say 'smash' a lot!

Jake Short as Iron Man!

Jake is actually on a show that I find just a bit better than the rest of the mess that Disney Channel and XD shells out these days, Mighty Med. In it, he plays a doctor-in-training for superheroes.

I can't exactly pinpoint why I chose Jake for Tony, but something about him just compelled me to pick him. He does have a bit of a "show-offy" but goodhearted vibe like Tony does, maybe that's it. Regardless, he's my choice for Tony Stark!

Bradley Steven Perry as Captain America

Bradley Steven Perry is known for his roles on Good Luck Charlie and Mighty Med. Just like Jake Short, there's nothing about his previous roles that would make him a good Captain America. It's hard to explain why I chose him. He just has a sort of attitude that makes me compelled to choose him for a DCOM Avengers Captain America. Maybe it's his acting style or the way he tackles a role. Or maybe it's just his good posture. If you're going to be Cap, ya can't be slouchin'.

Spencer Boldman as Thor

Spencer Boldman is known for his role as Adam Davenport in Lab Rats. Adam is a bionic teenager with super-strength! Spencer's acting style, mixed with the fact that's he's played a strong and good-hearted character before is why I chose him for Thor!

He may have to work on the British accent a bit, but if Peter Dinklage and myself after watching anything from England can do it, why not Spencer?

Leo Howard as Hawkeye

Leo Howard is known for his role as Jack in Kickin' It, and just like his co-star Olivia, he's a karate specialist. Unlike his co-star, Leo has been doing martial arts since he was three years old! And he became a black belt at the age of eight!

Leo's martial arts prowess, and his wise-cracking humor in Kickin' It make him a perfect candidate to portray the expert marksman! After all, Hawkeye may primarily use a bow, but he's great at close combat as well!


Ok, that's it! All the Avengers have been recast as Disney Channel stars. All of these stars are talented in their own right, but for my own reason, I really, REALLY do not like Disney Channel. So, even though I just recast them, I sincerely hope these casting choices remain a thought in mind. However, if Kevin Feige was given a large part in managing a made-for-TV Avengers movie, I may be persuaded.

Either way, I hope you liked reading my choices!


Which Disney Channel Avenger do you like most?


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