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As much as I adore comic books and superheros in general, I love HBO's Game of Thrones possibly even more. The books, sadly, I have never read, but the show is truly breathtaking. The characters are rich, dynamic, and intriguing. The plot is vast, intricate, and realistic. The setting is riveting, beautiful, and well developed. I love that show. I love comic books. So naturally, I wanted to combine them.

In this lull between the beginning of GoT Season 5 and the release of this year's Avengers: Age of Ultron, there are few things to distract us dedicated fans. There are only so many set photos, TV spots, and rumored plot synopses to carry us over to either April 12th or May 1st... so I designed a little game. What if The People of Westeros were superheros instead? Would "The First Men" be like "The First Family"? There are so many interesting crossovers that would be fun to look into.

Long story short: Who would my favorite GoT characters be if they were in comic books? I'm basing my decisions off of common backgrounds, shared personality traits, and occasionally overlapping physical attributes (but not always). Don't expect this to be a look alike contest, but rather a similar character type discussion.

Have fun! Let's begin:

*These actors are already comic book characters.

Honorable Mentions: Jaqen H'ghar/Deadshot, Gregor Glegane/Solomon Grundy, Khal Drogo*/Lobo, Daario Naharis/Deadpool, Ramsey Bolton/The Joker, Varys/The Watcher

1) Tyrion Lannister*- Ironman

Not only is Tyrion a rude, narcissistic, and albeit pompous character, but he is also one of the most loved character's in his respected universe. Tyrion begins his TV journey as a fun-loving, wine chugging, women loving scum bag... who does that sound like? But after he went through a crucible of character development, he decided to be a better man; even if it was in his own cocky, swaggering ways. Not to mention he's charming, intelligent, and calculative but often loses his cool at the worse times. He thinks his way through problems but ironically, drinks his way through them too.

2) Daenerys Targaryen- Wonder Woman

Dany is a strong, powerful, well measured and hard working woman who doesn't want anyone to hold her back and will always accomplish her goals. She has a background in royalty but has come to world that doesn't respect who she is and where she has come from. Daenerys fights hard for what she wants; she's vicious but has a kind heart, just like Diana. Inside they're both loving and caring, but on their exterior they are fierce, merciless leaders.

3) Jaime Lannister- Thor

Coming from wealth, love, and prosperity, Jaime had never learned to work for anything in his life. He was cruel, self-centered, good-looking, and an incredibly talented fighter; possibly one of the greatest ever. Looked at like a God, Jaime never learned humility-- even in captivity-- until he had his power cut away from him in one vicious stroke. Through this horrible experience, he learned what was important to him, who he was, and what he should be doing. He gained a new level of morality and, although he's not within sin, he cares for the ones he loves.

4) Cersei Lannister*- Magneto

If there was ever a character on GoT that you just loved to hate, it was Cersei. She's horrible, heartless, merciless, selfish, and all around a terrible human being. And yet... we still see where she's coming from. We can understand that she has her moral code-- although it's very skewed-- and that she does what she does for the ones she truly cares about. Cersei may always act in her own self interests, but she believes its for the good of her family, her people, and her realm. There's no limit to what she will do, but she will only do it to survive.

5) Brandon Stark/Hodor- Bruce Banner/Hulk

What do you get when you cross an intelligent, frail, and helpless young man with a gargantuan, dimwitted, and powerful behemoth? The parallels between Banner/Hulk and Bran/Hodor don't just start there; I mean, c'mon, they even have the same beginning letters! That's uncanny. Bran, after undergoing a traumatic accident, gains unmeasurable powers which give him the ability to gain the strength of a gigantic, nearly unstoppable monster with dulled senses and high pain tolerance.

6) Arya Stark- Batman

After seeing her father murdered right in front of her by a coward, Arya begins a long road of vengeance, anger, and brutality. When she loses all family she's ever had, she becomes even darker, stronger, more furious. These childhood traumas led her down a winding road of vigorous training, dangerous individuals, a life of crime, and mentorships from experienced killers. On top of all that, she journeys to new lands to learn from the some of the greats, so she can return to her homeland to weed out all the injustice and corruption that lead to the death of her family.

7) Sandor Clegane- Wolverine

A ruthless, murderous anti-hero that we all love, The Hound is an unstoppable killer with a deep-rooted moral command. He may be deadly. He may be fueled by anger. But he's the only Kingsguardsman to clothe Sansa Stark and one of the only people in Westeros that Arya is safe with. He has a natural protective instinct over the weak but is an absurd realist who refuses to baby people. This may make him very unapproachable, but once you begin to understand him, he's fairly lovable and very sympathetic.

8) Jon Snow- Captain America

Mr. Perfect-Moral-Goody-Two-Shoes if there ever was one in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow always does what he feels is right no matter the trouble it could get him in. He is bound by vows-- although breaks them a lot-- and honor. Jon loves his family and looks after his brothers of the Night's Watch. He came from humble beginnings and had a difficult upbringing as a bastard of the north, but that didn't stop him from turning himself into a soldier-- even a super soldier--nearly overnight. He is a natural born leader, although he didn't seek power, and has many loyal followers and friends.

9) Sansa Stark*- Rogue

Starting off as a relatively weak character, Sansa was ashamed of her background and always wanted to be somebody else. She dreamed of being considered normal but always stuck out; whether it be because of the blood in her veins or because she couldn't quite get close to anyone in her new home. However through the brutality of the world and the loss of loved ones, Sansa slowly became stronger and more self-driven. She gained powers she didn't know she could have and got close friends in high places. Still, through all this growth, she would still try to keep her distance from everyone.

10) Brienne of Tarth- Captain Marvel

Breaking every stereotype and glass ceiling is only a pastime for The Maiden of Tarth; her full time job is being a bad*ss (no cursing) in every definition of the word and living life in the most honorable way possibly. She has stripped away the ridiculous, unrealistic, and confining girly outfits of her past and has become a true soldier for justice. She cut her hair short, trained day in and day out, and has earned her spot as one of the greatest fighters in her field. Brienne is limited by nothing, her strength is incomparable, and she has bested some of the most dangerous foes out there: The Knight of Flowers, The Kingslayer, and The Hound.

11) Tywin Lannister- Nick Fury

Tywin is not only old, intelligent, dangerous, and ruthless, but he is also extremely clever, endlessly secretive, and very manipulative. Everything he does is for the good of those he leads and although it may be twisted, his own form of a moral code is never broken. He will do whatever he can to get out of sticky situations and can always get the best of others. Just as Nick Fury is one misstep from being a super villain, Tywin is one slip up from being a hero... well, in some people's eyes. His age and his experience make the patriarch of the Lannister House a feared and respected individual who is the best at what he does.

12) Ned Stark- Superman

He is the moral center and immovable foundation of the World of Westeros. Eddard always does what is right-- even if it puts him in danger-- and believes in the best in others. His tender heart doesn't stop him from being a deadly warrior, protector of his family, and terrific leader. He doesn't avidly seek the spotlight and just wants to be left alone, but will always step up in the name of honor and to protect those in need. This unwavering morality however may be his downfall, as it limits the things he is willing to do to achieve his goals. Most people think he's unkillable, but even the strongest can fall. Not to mention he made Captain America who he is today.

Basically, I'm a huge nerd. I love Game of Thrones and I adore everything comic books. They both have enormous merits and are everlastingly interesting. This was a fun game for me, hopefully you all enjoyed it just as much!

So there's that! All of my choices for the GoT/Comic Crossovers. If you liked my matches, please feel free to share this article. Or if you feel that different characters should be different heros, then let me know in the comments below!


Which match was your favorite?


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