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The marvel cinematic universe is growing and its becoming more interesting with each new fan theory,each new announcement from the studio, and of course the commentary from the wonderful actors and actresses that bring our favorite comic book characters to life. You might already have ideas about how the universe will take shape in the coming years, you might even have ideas about which characters we'll see next. A nova movie is high on the possibility meter, but it's unclear if this is the next step.

Many people have been begging Marvel for a Nova movie even before the big screen debut of Guardians of the Galaxy. Fans were disappointed to learn that Nova would not be featured in the film, and even more so when James Gunn stated that he had no intention of using the character. The marvel universe is vast and there are still so many interesting stories to tell on screen and the story of Nova could be a great addition to the established universe.

Marvel has a huge slate of films lined up that goes all the way to 2019. What's interesting about this is that they have no scheduled or announced films for 2020 which makes you think about what comes after 2019. It's possible Marvel has already scheduled a film for 2020 and haven't told the media outlets yet. With all of that in mind, 2020 would be the ideal time to get a Nova movie off the ground since the foundation has already been made for it. The cosmic side of the marvel universe has already been established thanks to guardians of the galaxy and soon it will be expanded upon when captain marvel hits theaters. Marvel also introduced and established the Nova-corps,the intergalactic police force that is stationed on Xandar. This is the most critical detail since the Nova corps could recruit our iconic hero later on and set up the first solo movie.

Aside from the movie itself you're probably more concerned about which version of Nova they'll use. We could get Richard Rider,the definitive human member of the Nova corps or we could Sam Alexander, the son of rider who is frequently shown on ultimate spider-man. While it would be nice to see the original nova shine on the big screen it seems like marvel is leaning towards using Sam as the Nova of the MCU. All the signs point towards using a younger Nova since the MCU is heavily influenced by the ultimate comics and since Sam is frequently used in the ultimate series it only seems fitting that he would be used in the films too. Overall this is just a guess for the foreseeable future,there is no guarantee that there will even be a Nova movie so it's best to take this theory with a hulk-sized grain of salt.


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