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It's insane to think it's been 16 years since this brilliant TV series first appeared on Disney, complete with the most unforgettable characters: Crazy Louis, perfectionish Ren, best friend Twitty, and last but not least, troublemaker Beans. We watched Louis get his first girlfriend. We watched Ren create the perfect slumber party. There was even an episode called "Influenza: The Musical," in which the entire cast sang and danced, true musical theatre style. Deep down, we saw something in these characters that we found within ourselves (Michelle = one part Louis + 1/2 part Ren + 2 parts Tawny. Shake, stir, and serve).

Ever wonder what the cast is up to these days? We have the answers.

Shia Lebeouf (Louis Stevens)

Even back in the early 2000's, it was apparent Shia was a force to be reckoned with. His instincts as an actor topped with his ability to fully immerse himself within the role of Louis Stevens was only foreshadowing his destiny as a brilliant actor. Shia's focus has been to surpass celebrity by becoming a true artist. He has pushed his performances in music videos, live art installments, and films with fellow dynamic actors, such as Brad Pitt. He recently starred in the very moving music video by Sia called "Plastic Heart" with talented dancer Maddie Ziegler. We can expect his latest film Man Down, also starring Kate Mara and Gary Oldman, to come out this fall.

Side note: If you haven't seen the "Shia Lebeouf" song created by Rob Cantor, you are missing out! Check it out here.

Christy Carlson Romano (Ren Stevens)

Christy was spot on as Ren, playing the type A older sister who is more interested in feminism and history than nail polish and shopping. Christy went on to be the voice of Kim Possible (who else has that famous ring tone on their phone?!) and even later starred as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Since then, this multi-talented star has written a novel called Grace's Turn and even directed a music video for Steph Gold's "THE SUN." She is currently married to producer Brendan Rooney, whom she met while attending Bernard College in New York. Christy is currently shooting for her documentary about child stars titled Looking After, in which Steven Anthony Lawrence can also be seen in.

Nick Spano (Donnie Stevens)

Post Even Stevens, Nick studied at English Literature at UCLA and also acted in a myriad of TV shows, including Monk, Alias, Cold Case, and Without a Trace. Nick has also ventured into the business world and opened a solar powered tanning salon called Sunlounge in Los Angeles back in 2008. With his entrepreneurial mindset, Nick created City Farm, in which he built a community of food enthusiast who congregate and promote healthy, organic food. As one of the founders of Re/creation Cafe, he is heavily involved in spreading positivity through music, yoga, art, and meditation.

A.J. Trauth (Alan Twitty)

A.J. Trauth continued acting after Even Stevens, appearing in shows like The Amanda Show, Reba, Ghost Whisperer, and Bones. Other hobbies of his include photography, surfing, sailing, playing guitar, and writing music. In fact, A.J. formed the band Mavin with his very own brothers Chris and Pete, in which he plays guitar and sings. They actually created the theme song for the Disney Animated Series American Dragon: Jake Long and their music was also featured in Herbie Fully Loaded. Also, a huge congrats to A.J on his marriage to Leah Pipes!

Steven Anthony Lawrence (Beans)

Steven also pursued acting after Even Stevens, landing himself roles in popular films and shows such as Kicking and Screaming, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Cat in the Hat, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Weeds. He has also appeared in T-Mobile and Old Spice commercials. Fun fact: Tyler the Creater used his portrait as an avatar on his Twitter Account.

Although it can be difficult for child stars to find work once they graduate from the "cute" stage, these actors went on to act in various films and TV shows. Some even pushed past their acting skills and ventured into other interests, showing us there are no limits to what we can do. We will never forget the Stevens family and the zany characters that pertain to their world, but we all know there's a little bit of Ren in us, a slight manner of Louis in our actions, and maybe some Bean-like thoughts cross our minds more often than we'd like to admit.


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