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In not so recent but still pretty awesome news, Marvel and Sony has come to an agreement to allow Spiderman to be apart of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. The comic book world and fans went in a frenzy with news that spidey will in Captain America: Civil War. Now the news comes the question..who will don the Spidey suit? I personally really want to see newcomer Taron Egerton from the Kingsman: A Secret Service do it. I have my reasons, some will agree and some won't we all are entitled to our opinions. The reason why I think Taron should do it is because he's a badass, he has attitude. Taron can bring something to the character that we haven't really seen before. Plus, the first time we see him won't be an origin story so at this point in Captain America: Civil War he might have been Spiderman for a while. The other reason why I think he would be a good fit for the role is he's already worked with Samuel L. Jackson. So all Sam has to do is give him the MCU co-sign and Taron is in there! Third and last reason why I think so is..He looks good in glasses. Everyone knows the big part of playing Peter Parker is his glasses.

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