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Grey has a penchant for diabolical characters, and with her versatile voice range she's produced a menagerie of evil doers. But, who's her best antagonist? Find out by checking this list...or scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

6. The Ice Queen

In Adventure Time's "Fionna and Cake" episode we're introduced to the Ice King's female counterpart-- Ice Queen. And despite having only one appearance (so far) in the series, she's become a memorable villainess. Unlike the Ice King, she was hardly comedic and mainly stuck with being a deceptive and insane tyrant. Even her wicked cackling is unforgettable, I can still hear it ringing in my ears. It's a shame she hasn't made any further stints, as she's a more competent adversary than Ice King.

5. Ming-Hua

Ming-Hua is Griffin's second antagonist in the Avatar series. A member of the Red Lotus, she's a gifted waterbender. And despite not having any arms she's able to manipulate water and use it to create substitute limbs. Ming-Hua moves gracefully and forcefully, as she's a force to be reckoned with. As shown, she's merciless and will fight to the end.

4. Exo-Skin

XJ9 or Jenny's mother Dr. Wakeman presents her with a prototype exo-skin. Despite looking like a skinned raggedy ann doll, when it latched on to her, she resembles a beautiful teenager. Yet, the skin has a mind of its own as the longer she uses it, the more it has control over her. In a creepy and devious voice, it convinces Jenny to forgo her responsibilities and robot identity in favor of appearing like a seemingly ordinary, lovely girl. This sinister entity also only had one episode, yet the character and this episode is remembered as being one of, if not the most disturbing aspects of this show.

3. Catwoman

Catwoman's more of anti hero, yet she's commonly associated with being an antagonist. In Batman: Arkham City, Selina's mostly looking out for herself, but helps Batman from time to time and is revealed in secret tapes to be very concerned of Holly. Her acrobatic/burgling skills, persuasiveness and hot sex appeal makes her an intimidating foe.

And even in the face of danger, she manages to keep a calm and collected state, accompanied with a "fuck yeah" smirk.

2. Vicky

Vicky gives babysitters a bad name, indeed. On the surface, she appears to be a loving and sweet caretaker, but when the door closes she's evil incarnate. For years she's been the bane of Timmy's existence. Giving him numerous and strenuous chores, getting him in trouble just for the sake of it and relishing each sinister deed she dishes out on him and the rest of society.

Like any other teenage girl, she's boy crazy and follows the trends and fashion of the time. Yet, instead of having a walk-in closet she has a dungeon. Vicky's maliciousness is known by children all over, and is feared not only by them, but her family too. Although, Vicky's actions are almost always justly reprimanded. Such as in "Boys in the Band", Chip Skylark is kidnapped and forced to marry Vicky until Timmy intervenes. Skylark is so inspired by her malevolence that at his concert he performs a song he made up last second called "Icky Vicky". And millions of fan at the concert and at home sang along and cheered.

1. Azula

Most of you were probably expecting this, but just wanted to make sure she was number one so you wouldn't have to crucify me. Azula was a fire bending prodigy and princess of the Fire Nation. After her older brother Zuko failed to retrieve the Avatar their father Fire Lord Ozai sends her to capture not only Zuko and their uncle, but also Aang. Azula is to say the least, a perfectionist. Even with a single hair out of place, she won't stop working on something till it meets her standards. Her tactful mind, agility, ruthlessness, manipulative nature and fire bending prowess cemented her as probably being the series' best antagonist.

Azula was willing to forgo anything or anyone (such as her brother and their friends) to achieve what she wants. For the majority of the show she was able to remain emotionally reserved and thus it was difficult to tell when she was fibbing. Yet, towards the series finale it was apparent Azula was falling apart. Despite being evil nearly 24/7, she did truthfully confide to her friends and Zuko that she felt hurt by her and her mother's distant relationship, and thought she was regarded as a monster.

And considering all the insidious things she'd done, it's still (at least to me) heartbreaking and disturbing to watch when she's captured and reaches a breaking point.

And it looks as if playing all these malevolent characters has rubbed off on Griffin herself. ;)

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We're leaving town for a few days but the neighbor is gonna come by to make sure the kids have food and water.
The kid behind me at Starbucks got way too excited about the last pumpkin I ordered it.


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