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So now we all know that Harrison Wells is in fact arch nemesis of the Flash, Eobard Thawne.....A.K.A. Professor zoom.......A.K.A. The Reverse Flash. But what is his end game? In the comics Eobard Thawne was from the 25th century. His parents genetically engineered him to be super smart and have a particular appearance. As an adult he becomes obsessed with what is called the speed force, that's pretty much a fancy term for powers that [The Flash](series:1068303) posses. I'm not going to bore you with his whole back story, so ill some it up....... pretty much his future self learns how to time travel, and he goes back in time to better his life by killing certain people and creating certain things others might have created in the future.

So now that we have a little back story on Eobard Thawne, lets get into Harrison Wells. From last weeks episode we now know that Harrison Wells is Eobard Thawne. We knew he was from the future, but we didn't know from how far into the future. In the scene where he appears to kill Cisco, he whispers to Cisco after striking him through the heart, " you have already been dead to me from centuries". This means that the show is keeping true to the real story of Eobard Thawne. This leaves a big question on the table...... who is Harrison Wells? In this past weekends payley fest trailer, it shows Joe, Lance, and Cisco digging up a dead body. Could this be the dead body of Harrison Wells?

you know i'm making some good points
you know i'm making some good points

It would make sense, after time traveling to the past from centuries in the future, your going to need a new name and identity. He must of killed this wells guy and took his place. We now know his true intention that night of Nora Allen's death was to not kill Nora but to kill Barry instead. So this must mean when Barry does go back in time to that night he will fighting a reverse flash that he has never met before. He has met the reverse flash before, but that was a reverse flash that has been around for 15 years waiting for the real Flash to get his powers. Is this an advantage for Barry? Will Barry figure this out and use it to his advantage? Will Wells figure out a way to return to the future to possibly warn himself about Barry? Will they be able to stop the reverse flash? There is one way to stop the reverse flash...... KILL EDDIE THAWNE.


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