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Jacob Lee Doyle

Arrow is one of the top comic book shows on television right now. I watch it every week and thoroughly have enjoyed every plot line but I have to say I'm ready to move on to something new and leave the League of Assassins behind. The League has really dominated this show since the end of season one and has been something for the writers to continue to go back to but is starting to feel old at this point. The introduction of Raas Agul was a nice change. The whole fight seen between him and Oliver Queen was absolutely amazing with a literal cliff hanger to end the midseason finale, but i am so sick of not seeing the Arrow be the Arrow that I just need him to stop a few robberies and take out a few new super criminals.

I would also like to ask this. Am I the only one who is noticing the similarities between the plot line of this show and the Batman comics. In the Batman comics, Raas Agul has always picked Bruce Wayne to be the heir to the Demon and the Love interest of his daughter Talia Agul. In this show we don't see Talia but we do see Raas Agul offering the League to Oliver Queen.

I just think it's time that we see something else and see the Arrow in his true form of the vigilante of Starling City and Hero too those he saves from the criminal underworld.


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