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Back in February, we learned that Morena Baccarin (Gotham, Firefly) has joined the cast of the upcoming Deadpool movie as Wade's love interest. Speculation was flying fast and furious (my personal hope was for Siryn), but last week that all got laid to rest courtesy of two tweets from Baccarin and Robert Liefeld, [Deadpool](movie:38663)'s creator/artist. (Baccarin has since deleted hers - very interesting!

The tweets showed Baccarin's chair on set, with the name "Vanessa" under the Deadpool title and mask. (That mask, by the way, looks absolutely awesome!) "Vanessa" is Vanessa Carlyse, aka Copycat, and her role in the film could mean all kinds of amazing things!

1. Vanessa Is A Metamorph


Unsurprisingly, from the name, Copycat is able to shape-shift to look like anyone. However, she can do more than just take on their physical appearance. she can also duplicate powers (after physical contact with the original), genetics and brain patterns, meaning that even telepaths can find it difficult to tell her from an original. She can also change her skin to camouflage with her surroundings, making her a seriously formidable mutant.

Mystique, with her similar talent
Mystique, with her similar talent

There are so many ways that this can translate to film and make the Deadpool movie even more incredible. Visually, we will get to see how Copycat's transformations are brought to life - will it be a Mystiqe-style ripple, or something new? Plot-wise, mistaken identity is a classic comedic device, and combined with Deadpool's tenuous grasp on reality at times, it could just be epic. There's also the possibility of tugging at the audience heartstrings by having her "die"... only to mimic his healing factor and recover. (It's a thing.)

2. Vanessa Met Wade Before He Became Deadpool

Wade actually met Vanessa when she was working as a prostitute, and when they were both relatively normal (well, compared to what happens to them later!). They fell in love, and Vanessa proves that she is completely devoted to him. Awwwww. Sadly, there's no happy ending for these two, as Wade learns that he has cancer, and doesn't want her to suffer by watching him die.

The fact that Vanessa's first real story arc with Deadpool all happens before he discovers he has cancer leads me to wonder if we might get to see some mask-free Reynolds in this film? I doubt that it would be a full-blown origins movie, but it would be really cool to see flashbacks of his time with Ms Carlysle, especially as backstory for one of their more action-packed arcs.

3. Copycat Was In X-Force

Ok, so technically Domino was in X-Force, and Copycat was mimicking her to infiltrate Cable's team and blow them all up. Same difference. After Wade left, she hunted down his employer, Tolliver, and decides to join him as a mercenary herself. Tolliver has something of a hate on for X-Force (and especially Cable), courtesy of a convoluted story arc involving time travel and daddy issues, which is why he is hiring mutant mercs to take down X-Force. Copycat/Domino ends up starting to care for the team she was sent to destroy, and refuses to hurt them, so Tolliver sends her old love Deadpool over to "remind" her of where her allegiances are supposed to lie.

The really cool part about all this is that it means we might actually be able to meet X-Force (and Cable!) in the new movie. Although this is an X-Men spin-off, I would still like to see some of the connections to the world of Charles Xavier, and I think that this is a perfect way to add some new mutants to the mix. Of course, this is still a Deadpool movie, not a Copycat one, and he only appears relatively briefly in this arc, so I doubt it would be the central story for the film. Then again, given his history with Cable, you never know! It's also worth noting the comment from Rob mentioning New Mutants #98...

4. Copycat Is A Little Too Devoted To Deadpool

Vanessa both enters and exits the Marvel-verse loving Deadpool, and goes a little bunny-boiler at times when she feels her love is reciprocated. After he initially leaves her, she goes and gets hired by his boss - translate that to non-mutant life, and you have yourself something of a stalker on your hands. Despite sometimes coming up against Deadpool (such as in the X-Force story arc mentioned above), she always returns to loving him. Later, when he is in a relationship with Siryn, she goes completely off the rails and impersonates Siryn - attacking Wade as a way to try and break them up. Even when she dies, she does so telling him she loves him. Sweet? Sometimes. Nuts? Just a little bit!

In terms of the movie, this could mean a few things. It's an incredibly important character trait for Copycat - her obsession with Deadpool is vital to who she is. (Especially in the context of a Deadpool movie!) It does mean that if the writers decide to come up with a brand new story arc (which is the norm), then this will explain her presence and her behavior, however nuts it might be.

5. Vanessa Was Part Of Weapon X

We all know that Deadpool is the product of some sick, sadistic experimentation (under the guise of curing cancer) courtesy of Weapon X, but Copycat was also altered by them. Much later than Wade's time with the project, she is recruited by them and her powers are enhanced. On a mission to recruit Deadpool back to Weapon X (as an employee, rather than an experiment), the damage that this enhancement does reveals itself. Copycat can no longer retain memories, or hold onto one shape for an extended period of time.

I doubt that we would see this in the movie, although it does involve the "death of a love interest" that Hollywood loves for action movies. (Yes, Copycat dies. No, it's not a spoiler, it's a fourteen-year-old story arc!) The connection with Weapon X is a big one, and it's possible that the film may be based around Deadpool's post-transformation relationship with the project - definitely a simpler and better-known story than the complications of X-Force and Cable!

However they decide to write the script of Deadpool and Copycat, I have a feeling that it is going to be amazing. Deadpool is such an incredible character, and it is past time to bring him (properly) to the big screen! I'm also happy that they have decided to include a love interest for him - it would be easy enough to have his movie pure action and gore, and I'm really thrilled to see another level to it.

The only thing that I would be even slightly concerned about is that Copycat could mean another origin story. I'm getting a little sick of them, to be honest! I don't think that Deadpool needs it, and I would much rather see them further on in their relationship (with those flashbacks as well), than starting from the beginning of Vanessa and Wade.

What do you think? Where in their relationship do you want the movie to take place? Comment below and let me know!

Deadpool comes to theaters Feb 12th, 2016


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