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The Avengers are well known for being heroes, their strong adversaries, and for the action and dramatic fight sequences that are both epic and exciting!
What if instead of an action movie the Avengers were a thirty minute sitcom? What if instead of the fight scenes and CGI, we saw the Avengers in their misadventures of romance and career, with the occasional villain?

Neil Patrick Harris as Iron Man

NPH is one of my favorite people, but he's also one of the biggest comedians and most talented television actors. His character of Barney Stinson has already showed how the actor can play a rich ladies man. He would add a great mix of comedy and drama to a sitcom based on our heroes!

Kate McKinnon as Ms. Marvel

McKinnon is probably unknown to most, but she's going to be a household name very soon! She's not only the leading lady on Saturday Night Live but she's the strongest player on the entire show. It's also been announced that she'll be one of the four leads in the Ghostbusters reboot alongside Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

We haven't seen Captain Marvel in the MCU yet, but she's been announced to be upcoming - that's for sure. McKinnon would be great as a comedic version of Carol Danvers, who is the character I'm most excited about adding to the MCU!

Johnny Galecki as Bruce Banner

This would be a very different take on Banner, instead of a large, strong man, Galecki would be able to play a more genius/scientist role for the character of Banner. Maybe even make it a few seasons before his Hulk-inducing gamma accident.

Charlie Day as Hawkeye

Day is an absolutely hilarious actor, I love him in Horrible Bosses and he's actually a comedic genius with his writing and creating for the television show It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia. I could really seem him adding some comedic talent to Hawkeye's archery and combat skills.

Aubrey Plaza as Black Widow

We all know her from Parks and Rec. Her angry and fearless attitude would translate well to the Black Widow character who is already kind of angry and sharp witted! Plaza would be so funny in the role!

James Van Der Beek as Captain America

James has had a lot of roles: Dawson's Creek, How I Met Your Mother, Friends With Better Lives, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, and recently, he showed us how serious he could be in the Power Rangers action short. I think he'd make a great Captain America, and we'd have plenty of chances to focus on the things Cap doesn't understand after being frozen for seventy plus years in the sitcom format.

Lance Reddick as Nick Fury

Reddick isn't exactly a comedic actor by any means, but I would still love to see him play Nick Fury. I don't think that he ever cracked a smile during his stint on Fringe, he's so serious. I think there could still be some great comedic energy around Reddick's extremely serious character and the others - like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

Nick Zano as Thor

Zano has been popping around in television, and specifically comedies, for the past several years. In Cougartown's first season he played Courtney Cox's young boyfriend, in 2 Broke Girls he had a brief arc as a love interest to the main character Max played by Kat Dennings (who had a little crush on Thor in his original film, remember?). He appeared in Happy Endings, and recently got his own sitcom, One Big Happy.

He's a hunky blonde actor, and if he beefed up a little more he could easily play the Asgardian! The comedic elements we so briefly saw in the first Thor, where he was asking for cats or dogs large enough to ride, throwing cups in the diner, etc could easily be pulled off by Zano. Thor's out-of-place character could add some hilarious moments to a sitcom!

Sarah Hyland as Scarlet Witch

We all love her on Modern Family where she plays a total diva. Casting her as the young mutant, and keeping her as that same sort of teenage diva would be totally hilarious. I'd love to see a young version of this character as a villain until the Avengers take her in, like in the upcoming Age of Ultron film.

Quicksilver as Cam Gigandet

He's a gorgeous young actor, and I'm still hoping we will see him in some form or another in the current MCU, but he'll probably always be the idiot 22-year-old senior who was screwing around with Lisa Kudrow in Easy A. He was hilarious in that movie! He could bring some really fun elements to any sitcom, but I think he would be really fun to play off of Hyland's ditzy Scarlet Witch.


Who do you think would nail it on an Avengers sitcom?


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