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I work with 3D at a company called Real Multimídias in Vitoria, Brazil. The focus of the company are architectural projects, but it also does some advertising work... and that's where I come in. I always liked more organic work, characters, animation, etc. So in 2011, in my spare time, my boss gave me the idea of transforming a 2D character into 3D. Then he suggested I do the Captain Caveman and for me it was a challenge to do all the hair.

I used the software '3Ds Max' to model Captain Caveman and 'Zbrush' to sculpt the stake and the base. I created a few lines as a guide for the hair, as you can see in the picture below:

Last year - again in my spare time - I had the idea of taking a Flintstones' scene and turning it into 3D, which is something you don't see often. The result was this:

I started in 'Zbrush,' sculpting the characters and the rest of the objects that compose the scene. After that, I imported the models into '3Ds Max' to apply the illumination and set the shaders. To render I used 'V-ray' and post-production with 'Photoshop.'

Prints from Zbrush
Prints from Zbrush
Scene without textures, just illumination.
Scene without textures, just illumination.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the images! You can see the speed sculpt of the characters in 'Zbrush' here. At the moment, I'm just thinking about the next nostalgic artwork that I'll do. So many cartoon characters to choose from!

Thank you for the visit!

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