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Once in a lifetime comes a movie that will come and complete influence you do stupid things, for me that movie was Friday. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker to us into black west coast comedy and we've been craving for more ever since. Coming back to theatre celebrating 20 years ( Damn I'm old) is this comedy. I personally believe the funnies person in the series is neither Craig or Smokey but is John Witherspoon (Pops from Wayans Bros). Friday has introduce us to many quotes that we can apply todays conversation.When a girl is saying or doing something outlandish you can hit with " Bye felicia " or when you watching a fight and someone gets floored, you can run up, look down at the victim and belt out " You got knocked the F**K OUT!" I'm glad and privilege to have witness the cult classic. If you haven't seen it please do Monday April 20, 2015 in select theatre. After you enjoy the classic, hey.... "Roll one up!"

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