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Television shows have impacted my life tremendously. My friends and family have made it perfectly clear that I have a problem. It's no secret. I spend at least three hours of my day, watching something. I fall asleep to the sound of something on Netflix. I will procrastinate until the very last minute because of my addictions. Whether it be, Scrubs or Family Guy, I always find something to get completely addicted to.

I spend my time watching the following: American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Cougar Town, Dexter, Family Guy, Forever, Friends, Malcolm In The Middle, The Office, Scrubs, Wilfred and 21 Jump Street. These are just the ones that I have/had addictions to. My only question is this: Am I alone?

I find myself refusing to do any other activities until I've finished a season. The amount of time I spend talking about what happened on American Horror Story last night, is almost frightening. Most of my friends find my five minute rants to be annoying and probably quite exhausting but I don't know I can contain myself. If Dexter almost dies, I will begin to burst into tears. The strange part is that I become genuinely upset over a show and normally I am made of stone when it comes to emotions.

Is there a cure to this addiction? Yes, it's called stop watching shows. I can't do that though. It has become my life. It's the only time in my life that I have complete enjoyment without the need to please anyone but myself.

Some may question my strange life that revolves around my shows but it's become apart of me. It's who I am.


Do you have a TV Show addiction?


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