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So Insurgent comes out this Friday and I could not be more excited. Being the huge bookworm that I am, I have been looking forward to this release since Divergent. So here is a list of things that I am looking forward to (and you will have to excuse me if I miss anything my copy of the book is being lent out to a friend).

1. Amity compound. Divergent setting is mainly in Chicago in the Dauntless compound and a little time in the Abnegation faction, but in Insurgent they obviously need shelter and they turn to Amity. I am looking forward to how they built Amity and seeing the characters adapt to the different scenery.

2. Character Development. There was a lot of character development from each character and I don't want to give away too much to those who have not read the book, but I am looking forward to see how everything plays out and if it will be like the book or not.

3. The Factionless. In Divergent we find out that those who do not make it in their factions or do not even make it into a faction period become factionless, which pretty much means they are homeless. I am so excited to see the warehouse they all live in and how they all come together and work together.

4. The Action. Of course I am looking forward to the action. The book has quite a bit of action in it and the simulations get crazier. I know that one of the simulations Tris goes under was used in a teaser trailer which made me more and and more excited to see the other simulations come to life. I also cannot wait to see how they do the ending. I don't want to give anything away so I am just going to stop talking about the action in fear of giving things away.

5. Tris and Four's relationship. I know it's typical, but I cannot help it. The two of them at first seem to not be able to fully open to one another and they finally start to do it, and I just really like the chemistry between the two of them.

I think that is all I am really looking forward to. Comment below about what you are looking forward to!


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