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Ryan Gade

Most directors are typically well known not just for their movies, but the genre those movies tend to fall into. The Farrelly brothers are well know for their raunchy, and hilarious comedies. The Cohen brothers of course well known for their dramatic, yet quirky films, and when we think of Kevin Smith we think of slapstick comedy with a good side of drama and moral. Which made it really surprising when we heard about and then later saw Smiths 2011 indie horror film Red State. We get so used to a directors particular movies that it seems so shocking that they would make anything other then what we know them for. Red State of course was a pleasant surprise, and I suggest if you haven't seen it get on that right away, and if you have re watch it you know its good.

This brings me to a writer and director who is not only well known for his horror movies, but who is also becoming a master of it James Wan. Even in horror Wan has switched things up in this well beloved genre, always giving you something different with each movie he has either co-wrote, or directed. We go from a who done it meets gore fest in 2004's Saw, to a ghost tale come to life thriller in 2007's Dead Silence. Wan did also do a sub genre thriller with a big dramatic theme when he directed Death Sentence also in 2007. Now it seems we are going to see him out of his element when the long awaited and long running Furious 7 comes out April 3rd.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think Wan will bring anything new to the table? or do you think this is gonna bring the movie down having a mainly horror director take over the reigns?


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