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With this announcement that Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinemative Universe, I've got to wonder if Marvel is overloading their circuits.

Marvel is a boss at world building. It's like an alternate reality. When we step into the MCU, we are watching what it would be like if the superheroes we know and love existed. When the most well-known and beloved Marvel hero, Spider-Man, joins the MCU, its going to have a big impact in both worlds.

Spider-Man is going to have a great time joining the Avengers in whatever way Marvel sees fit. But, we also have all the villains that go along with Spider-Man. Is this too much?

There were plans for a Sinister Six movie, and it sounds like that is still the case. That means that everything going forward in Spider-Man land also affects the MCU. Also, Marvel's entire MCU lineup for the next few years was pushed back to include Spidey's standalone film.

I know that building a world with as many characters seems like a limitless expanse of fun and possibilities. I just hope that Marvel continues to put the same care and craft into these movies that they have with the last two phases. It could turn into a universe that's an inch deep and a few miles long in a hurry. There's always questions and mysteries and lore that each movie sets up for the next movies to explain. Marvel keeps placing spoonfuls of food on our plates faster than we can digest what we just ate.

With all this commotion, sooner or later Marvel might slap a heaping pile of cow dung in our laps. The machine may spit out cogs that are just not on par with what we've already been given.

What do you think? Is Marvel an incorruptible object at this point, or are they going to run out of maraschino cherries to put on our big macs?

In the words of the poet Robert Frost, "Nothing Gold Can Stay."

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