ByManan Choksi, writer at

As we all know, the most praised movie of MCU and highest-grossing, Guardian of the Galaxy, had soared heights in its cinematic run, but was it worth it?

I mean, come on...

It was all nothing but a bunch of good talent, for e.g. Groot, played by Vin Diesel, action-loving actor, which is known for his bass-voice, which is freaking cool, got nothing to deliver, except - "I/We are Groot", which is not fair, a bit...

Known for his comic (here, comedic) roles, Bradley Cooper, does all that in this movie, except, his accent, which was unrecognisable until I rechecked the cast as he playing Rocket in the theater!

And, Dave Bautista, a dumb alien, with super strength, and 'fast reflexes' as he thankfully mentioned, well he portrayed well, so much less to improvise.

The villain, Roman The Accuser. His make-up artist literally copied from Ben 10 villain Hex. A very bad portrayal of power and comedy at the same time.

I still don't understand, why people like it though...


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