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So during this week's episode of Agents of SHIELD ( "One of Us" ), Marvel revealed who Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird, and Mack have been working for...

The Real SHIELD:

Real SHIELD logo
Real SHIELD logo

Yeah... You saw that right...

We most likely see the SHIELD we're familiar with and this Real SHIELD begin to butt heads in some way. The question is... How will it begin?..

The answer to that question is currently unknown, but what this may lead into... a possible and, for some, an understandable theory.


In October, Marvel held an event at the El Capitan Theatre revealing their entire plan for Phase 3. This clip from Age of Ultron was shown there:

This is most likely the start of many arguments that will lead to...


If you don't know what Civil War is, it's caused by the Superhero Registration Act or the SRA. This Act was enforced by the government to have superheroes give up their secret identities in order to work for the government. Some supported the act and some opposed it, leading them to pick sides. Those who opposed the act became outlaws and those who supported it were sent to stop the ones against the Registration.

Here's where my topic comes in...

I watch a podcast called nerdSHOUT and usually I'm oblivious to theories when I'm caught up in T.V. shows and trailers, BUT when I heard them start talking about the real SHIELD and what it could evolve into, I became intrigued.

Here was their most recent podcast:

11 minutes in, the nerdSHOUT team begins to discuss their thoughts on the real SHIELD and how it could be controlled by the government...Interesting...

I just wanted to elaborate on that theory and how it could be related to Civil War.

Elaboration Time!

Both of the SHIELDs are bound to start fighting sooner or later since Bobbie and Mack are currently working as double agents. Once the Agents of SHIELD we know and love find out about this real SHIELD, everyone will most likely be told to pick a side....

This sudden split of the team could lead to...

The beginning of Civil War.

If the Real SHIELD works for the government, they will most likely be in favour for the Registration Act. And who else is also in favour of this?

Our favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist...

Tony Stark aka the leader of Pro-Registration Team.

In the comics, Tony originally opposed the idea and then realized if a superhero made an enormous mistake that could cost thousands of lives, the world would be forced to pick sides for or against the act. Tony ,and those who sided with him, thought by supporting the act lives that could have been sacrificed would be saved.

NOW... The SHIELD we know, love, and are familiar with will most likely be on the side of freedom and for superheroes to have their own say in the matter of the Registration Act like...

Our favorite super soldier/dorito...

Steve Rogers aka the leader of the Anti-Registration Team

Steve believes that the Registration Act is unfair and and is unmoral for wanting to deprive heroes of their identities. Since Cap is all about freedom and morality, he sides against the Act and creates his own team to support him.

Why the SHIELD we know will be on Cap's side:

1) People have the right to privacy in their lives and should not be forced to give up their identities, which SHIELD knows where their boundaries lie.

2) Coulson loves Steve and admires his morals and ideas which is why Coulson sees him as his idol.

The two SHIELDs might start fighting right before the events of Age of Ultron or after. The argument Tony and Steve have might start the foundation of fighting about the Superhero Registration Act, but maybe this will start on Agents of SHIELD and then go into Age of Ultron where the bickering of this topic could possibly continue. This is only just a theory but could be elaborated over time...

Opinions or Theories? Comment them. What do you think about this theory?


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