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Okay, first, a disclaimer. I am a avid fan of the books. This article is going to be mostly negative. I have to complain somewhere. I am a strong believer in the idea if you are making books into movies, you do it properly. If you haven't read the books, you are not allowed to say anything such as that I am being "too harsh" or "what did you expect?".

I went and saw the first showing of Insurgent tonight. I went to the theater excited, and came back livid. I literally yelled at no one in the car because I was so angry. And then to ease the anger I bought myself a shamrock shake. But that's not the point. The point is that Summit Entertainment has ruined everything the Divergent fandom lives for.

The first movie, Divergent, set the bar high for Insurgent. It followed the books pretty well. Insurgent failed. EPICALLY. Talk about NOT following the plot.

First thing, characters. Yes, Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene all finally showed up. Problem: They were not highlighted like they should be. Those people were major in the books and they gave Marlene one scene, Lynn maybe two (and she wasn't even named. They didn't say it was Lynn), and Uriah had the most with maybe 5. Most of his appearances were small, the only major one when Candor headquarters gets stormed by Erudite. All three of these characters should have been in the first movie. It was really awkward to have Uriah all of a sudden appear and have Tris and Four be really friendly with him. It's like he just randomly showed up, like he didn't go through the attack simulation. Cara and Susan didn't exist. Hello? Cara? She is extremely important! Oh and Marcus was seen once. To avoid spoilers, let's just say he has a lot of power in the book. None in the movie.

Second issue is setting. Amity did not have rooms, they slept outside, in hammocks. They also had horses. Amity does not use horses for anything in the books, why was it necessary to add horses? Could have saved some money there. Next, Erudite did not come to Amity in cars, they came in big trucks that ran over fences. Candor headquarters were not the Merciless Mart. There were WAY more issues with setting, but if I explained more, it would give out a crap ton of spoilers and I do not want to get yelled at over the internet.

Third issue, Tris and Four. Tris shot a gun. Yep, right away at the beginning, when she was still having nightmares about killing Will. Tris couldn't even touch a gun, let alone shoot one for a majority of the book. Then, Tris and Four NEVER FOUGHT. They never got mad at each other, never stopped talking to each other. There was one scene where she walked away after the truth serum, but that was nothing to what we saw in the book. Four was all "I'm sorry, I love you, I'm sorry, I'll never keep secrets from you again" and he never chewed her out when she was reckless. Maybe for one thing she was barely reckless. I don't think I would ever see Four so soft looking. Sorry Theo, but Four lost his ferocity.

Okay WARNING: Major spoiler here, but I have to say it because the fandom is going to be super mad when they find out. Tris and Four sleep together in Insurgent. If you don't understand what that means, I mean they made love, right before she left for Erudite headquarters. WE WAITED UNTIL ALLEGIANT FOR THAT AND THEY WASTED IT. They made FourTris' relationship seem so nice and loving, good lord readers of the book KNOW that was NOT the case. Oh and Tris didn't stab Eric. Big disappointment.

Okay, I'm going to address this crazy box that everyone has been talking about since we all saw the trailer. Whoever said that the box was not a big deal and it didn't change the plot, everything was still the same, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. The box was everything. That box was literally the most useless thing ever. There was no need for it, and it ruined the entire movie. It changed Jeanine's whole plan and character. Instead of her testing Divergents to control them, they are used to open the box. The box that contains the information that changes everything. And Marcus had nothing to do with it.

So you know how the factionless were so important to the whole success of the "mission" in the books? Yeah well the factionless have been reduced to almost nothing. They were basically nonexistent in the movie, and they had guns and regular food. They did not eat out of cans, or sleep on palettes. They had beds and rooms and Evelyn had glass silverware with gold rims. Since when do the factionless, who were dirty and poor, have glass silverware with gold on them?? At the end of the movie, they don't even take over. What's the point? Why did you make them so insignificant? They also somehow got shot with the long range transmitters, even when they weren't at Candor. How does that work?

Those were the major downfalls, but the worst I can't say. If I did I would ruin the entire movie, book, and Allegiant for anyone who hasn't read it yet. Or seen it yet. When you go and watch it, you will see it at the end. It's the announcement. That's where it all goes wrong. It's bad. I don't know what they were thinking when they had EVERYONE leav...oops. I've said too much.

So on a lighter note, we missed out on some of the best scenes from the books. We do not get to see Tris on the peace serum. The loyal Dauntless do not go and take over their own headquarters again. We don't get to see Four and Tris run from Erudite headquarters. We missed so much. I kind of feel empty now. I became apart of their world and I didn't even get to see all of it. I feel like I missed out.

My big question is how did Veronica Roth let this happen? Aren't authors supposed to be protective of their work and characters? I clearly remember that from Saving Mr. Banks. Why Veronica, did you let the fandom down? You worked with them, you could have saved us from such a tragedy.


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