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All right, we all love the current lineup of Avengers stars (and if you don't.... shame on you), but who doesn't like a good "what if"? So, what if we had wound up with totaly different stars? Who else would have been good in these roles? Who else could have pulled off the characters we now love so much on the big screen? Let's go down the list, shall we?

First, Black Widow. Sure, ScarJo does a great job, but I think the role could have been nailed just as well by none other than Kate Beckinsale. She's easy enough to look at, but more importantly we've already seen her action chops in the Underworld Series as well as Van Helsing.Throw a little red hair dye her way and boom! You've got a killer Black Widow that could have brought an amazing dynamic to the screen.

Next up, Captain America. Chris Evans does a super job (pun slightly intended), but another actor who could have donned the stars and stripes just as well would be Mark Wahlberg. Sure, he might be a little short, but height never stopped anybody in Hollywood. He's definitely an action hero, ladies love him, and he gives off a pretty convincing patriotic vibe in movies like Shooter, plus he has that ability to sell the "committed to a cause" character in just about every role he plays.

Then there's the Hulk. OK, maybe at first it seems like anybody could rage and turn into a CGI monster, but it takes a good actor to get you there. An actor such as Joaquin Phoenix. I'm telling you, this man has a wide range of emotions at his disposal, and anger with a touch of pain is one he pulls off very well. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry. (Sorry, I had to.)

Then there's Thor. Hemsworth is an inspired choice, but an equally inspired choice, in my humble opinion, would be Gerard Butler. Again we have an actor with fighting chops and the ability to throw a Thunder-god-like tantrum when necessary, and you've got a perfect fit! Not to mention most ladies wouldn't object too highly to seeing him over and over again in the role.

Hawkeye is another one that's actually harder than you'd initially think. He's gotta be witty and cunning, which Jeremy Renner is honestly sometimes lacking in. A good alternative would be Jared Padalecki. If you've seen five minutes of Supernatural, you know this guy is not only a smart-alleck, but a fighter too. He was born to be more than just Dean Winchester (and I say that with the utmost respect for all you fans out there) and I think Hawkeye would have been a killer role for Padalecki.

Finally we come to Iron Man. Yes, RDJ is hard to even imagine replacing, but I have two words for you: Colin Farrell. He's got the looks, he's got the mojo, and he even has shown some spunky attitude that is definitive of Tony Stark's narcissistic playboy demeanor. Slap a goatee on this man and some iron gloves and he could take over as Tony Stark right now.

What do you think? I wrote thus article for the contest, but let's hear some opinions! Please be gentle, I cry easily.


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