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Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

Some may judge. Others will agree 100%

Parenting is hard!

As a parent we wish every minute can be a learning experience for our children. Unfortunately we are older now and tend to be less energetic than our kids. So we try and find ways to keep our young ones distracted so we can take a breather. Best way to do that is sitting them down in front of a television set. (This is the part where some of you may want to judge. Just remember your parents did the same thing to you.)

Unlike the 80s and 90s, we now have the magical power of Netflix to help us. So instead of watching the same cartoons over and over again on VHS and Dvd, or having to listen to them complain during a commercial. (Okay, maybe that last one was just me.) We pretty much have unlimited choices to help us parents out.

I'm posting this article for 2 reasons.

1. Don't be ashamed that you let your child watch television when you need a break. Most parents do. (Try not to make it an all day thing.)

2. I just want to share a few recommendations that works for me and my child.

My number 1 choice is Leap Frog. Their are a few different titles to choose from. My favorite being Number land. It is literally animals counting in song, but I have to say it is catchy. (Scout is my new favorite dog)

One that my daughter is obsessed with is Bo On The Go. I'm not too fond of this one myself. It is sort of repetitive, but it has honestly helped my childs speech and keeps her very active.

A childrens movie I recommend are Free Birds, it is a wonderful story about two turkeys who go back in time to stop the first Thanksgiving. I find myself laughing everytime I watch it.

If you are one of the nerdy parents like I am I highly recommend Ultimate Spider-Man. It is very colorful and made for kids. I find myself watching it even when she is away.

If you are a parent and have some recommendations we would love to hear them.


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