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Galactus is above all of that...
-Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds

Predating the current Universe, this force of nature has drifted throughout the Cosmos, wiping out entire ecosystems for sustenance.
Often called an unfeeling monster we sat down with Galactus to ask about life, and his favorite recipes.

Comic Book Illuminati:
So... As the oldest material being in known existence...
How does the devourer of worlds spend his free time? Afternoon at the movies? Brunch with friends?

Galactus the Devourer of Worlds:
Well, I don't have any friends because I'm not really the correct size to hang out with you mortals. Free time? hmm...... well I like to go to a planet with a moon, sit on it and then just watch you mortals do your mortal things .. it entertains me. I also like to go grab a quick snack (a small planet or something) before i go devouring. I was thinking about trying to cook a planet soup ... Haven't tried it yet, might be good ...

Comic Book Illuminati:
Do you have a preference on planet types?
Molten cores or gas giants? Do brown dwarf stars count as planets?
What are some of your favorite recipes when it comes to draining a planet of it's lifeforce?

Well, you see , when I come to a star system I taste a planet, if it's good I eat the whole thing; if it's bad, I go to the next one.
I like eating rocky planets first, then the tastiest green ones , then cover it all up with a watery planet.
I'll tell you a little secret: Planets actually taste like... I believe you humans call it Chucken or Chickan. Something like that.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Is there any bad blood between yourself and Reed Richards or the Richards' family?
I'd heard some rumours that the two of you nearly came to blows when you first met.

Reed Richards...

Comic Book Illuminati:
Wow... I'm going to call that a "yes".
You've worked with a lot of partners (some would say mindless slaves) over the last few billion years.
Do these heralds honestly bring anything to the table or are they just someone to hang out with between meals?
I noticed that, as a self-proclaimed genderless sentient natural event, you seem to prefer male over female heralds. Comments?

Between me and you....
I was just too lazy to do it myself: Partners are the perfect solution.
"Genders"? Those are mortal things...
Galactus is above all of that..


Galactus, The Devourer of Worlds

Art by Nick H R H


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