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Hey peeps, and welcome to a new addition of ReCaST (yes I spelled it like that on purpose)! This time, I'll be taking the Avengers and crossing them over with the wonderful world of Nintendo! Everyone loves Marvel, and everyone loves Nintendo. We grew up on both, and both feature amazing heroes! So this match-up isn't as strange as it looks.

First off, let me say that the heading image above does not give away which Nintendo character I'm pairing up with which Avenger, I just like the photo because it looks cool. That being said, let's get started! Here are Earth's Mightiest if Shigeru Miyamoto had directed The Avengers!


Everyone's favorite terrible plumber! Mario may be neglecting his plumbing duties, but his skills in princess rescuing are...well, questionable, seeing as how she ends up getting captured all the time. But no matter how many times his beloved princess is kidnapped, he'll always be there to rescue her!

Mario is a hero from another world! Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mario was whisked away to the Mushroom Kingdom where he met the love of his life, Peach, and the terrible tyrant terrorizing the town, Bowser! He vowed to always protect the princess and the kingdom from Bowser and his armada of evil!

Mario is—


I bet you were expecting me to cast him as Iron Man huh? Yes, as Nintendo's mascot and most popular character, one would assume that Mario would be the leader of the Avengers. But actually, Mario shares more with Thor than he does any of the other Avengers. He's a person from another world, who traveled to a new world when it needed him most. He possesses magical powers that mesmerize the citizens of his new world and give him an advantage against his enemies. And he may not wield a mighty hammer, but his powerful fists make up for that! Also, he does wield a standard hammer sometimes.

Behold! The power of Home Depot!
Behold! The power of Home Depot!


Red goes by many names, the more inappropriate ones given to him by kids having too much fun with the "choose a name" option. Red is the general Pokemon trainer from the main Pokemon games. He's a silent guy who prefers action over words! With his trusty collection of pokeballs, he can have an unstoppable army of monsters at his disposal!

He carefully selects the best pokemon to enlist in his team, focusing on attributes, skills and level! He never chooses a pokemon unless they're a good addition to his team. Nothing can stop his pokearmy! Unless of course, he enters a cave full of Zubats. No amount of his careful selection training can help him there.

Red is—

Nick Fury!

Ok, now I know I've lost you. How could I possibly compare the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and the mastermind behind the Avengers, to a kid who collects pets to fight other kids who also collect pets? Because just like Nicholas, Red stays on the sidelines. Nick Fury's job is to run his section of S.H.I.E.L.D and protect the world. In order to protect the world, he needs to "collect" the strongest heroes in the world and bring them all together to perform one big super-team!

Just like Red, Nick carefully looks at their attributes and determines which hero he needs for a battle. He may need someone to disable some missiles heading to earth. Iron Man, I choose you! Red looks at his pokemon team the same way. Need a lightning type? you know the rest.


Luigi is Mario's little brother, but he's just as great an adventurer! True he started out as a simple color palette change Mario, Luigi has since become his own man! Spouting green fire and being able to jump much higher than anyone else in the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi is an outstanding, but underrated hero. This ghost-killing machine is always unfairly playing second fiddle to his more popular red-clad older brother. Nevertheless, Luigi continues to aid the MK as much as he can!

Luigi is—


Now, I didn't just choose Luigi for Loki simply because I cast Mario as Thor and the two are brothers. It's because like Loki, Luigi has conflicting emotions of being second fiddle all the time to his more heroic older brother, even though he's accomplished a ton of great things too!

The only difference is that Loki actually acts on his emotions, while Luigi keeps them locked away. They do get out occasionally though, as seen by his final smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His final smash is him releasing all of his negative emotions, and is cleverly (and maybe ironically) titled 'Negative Zone'.

Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud is the noble, fearless and wise-cracking leader of the Star Fox crew! After his father dies along with the original Star Fox team (save one member), Fox assumes the role of leadership for a new team of space pilots! Team Star Fox may take payment before they do a job, but they'll only ever take jobs that uphold peace and justice!

Fox is—

Iron Man

Poor editing strikes again!
Poor editing strikes again!

Yes! Fox is the leader of the Avengers, Iron Man! Tony Stark and Fox McCloud actually share a lot of the same qualities. They're both cocky, arrogant, and good-hearted leaders whose ambitions and desires are fueled by the death of their fathers. They've also both got some rather strange body modifications that aid them in battle.

For Tony, it's the arc reactor in his chest that not only keeps him alive, but also powers his Iron Man suit! And for Fox McCloud, it his robotic legs. Fox and the rest of his team had their legs surgically amputated to become better space pilots? How does replacing their legs with machines do that? Well, you can read about it here. I'd tell you myself, but then I'd be getting side-tracked and lose focus on casting this Nintendo super team!

Samus Aran

Samus Aran, space heroine! Samus makes it her duty to protect the innocent from the evil Metroid and just about any weird, grotesque and evil monster that's looking to cause mayhem! She's skilled in combat, weaponry and knows how to operate a hi-tech battle suit like its a remote control!

Samus is—

Black Widow!

I know, I know, Natasha Romanoff doesn't have a hi-tech battle suit. But it's what's inside the suit that I'm looking at. Samus, like Black Widow is extremely agile, flexible, stealthy and adept! She can handle any weapon and tackle any situation, no matter how dangerous! Samus is definitely Black Widow in space!

Falco Lombardi

Falco is Fox's best friend and second-in-command! Even thought they're friends, Falco and Fox are always bombarding each other with jokes and playful insults. He is very sarcastic and contentious. But despite these traits, he's loyal to his team, and will always stay by his friend Fox's side! Despite his name, it's unknown if Falco is actually a falcon or not.

Falco is—


To honest, it was between Link and Falco. While it's true that Link knows how to use a bow, he doesn't really share too many characteristics with Clint Barton. Falco, like Hawkeye is an expert in combat and long-shot type weapons. And like Hawkeye, he's always looking to start a joke and playful insult fight. Mainly with Iron Man! He may not use a bow, but his weaponry expertise means that he'd probably pick it up really quick.

Professor Oak!

Samuel Oak is a Pokemon Professor who studies Pokemon History and the relations between humans and pokemans. He's an expert in his field! He starts new trainers out with their first starter pokemon, and gives them a pokedex so they can gather information on any pokemon they encounter.

Professor Oak is—

Bruce Banner!

Like Bruce, Oak is an exceptional scientist, and an expert in his field! He's devoted his life to his research, and wants to share it with the world! And like Bruce, he knows a lot about monsters. But unlike Bruce, he hasn't been exposed to any form-changing gamma rays. So while the role of Banner goes to Oak, the role of Hulk goes to:


Kirby may look sweet and cuddly, but he's actually quite dangerous! He can take on an entire army on his lonesome, and still have enough energy to go star-racing. It's this immense power that compelled me to choose him as The Hulk!

Now, for the last one, I'm going to shake it up a bit. I'm going to tell you about the Marvel character first, and then reveal who I'd cast him as.

Captain America

Captain America, the leader of the Avengers! Steve Rogers is tough, loyal and proud! The physical embodiment of a true American hero! Cap knows that to be a leader, you must be honest. You must be strong-willed. And you must be able to handle every single member of the team; should things get heated, you MUST be able to cool everyone down. Yes, it's true that Iron Man is the official leader of the Avengers, but it's Cap's hard-working soul and golden heart that binds the team together! He is at the front lines at all times, and never leaves a teammate behind! If there were ever a leader better than Captain America, he most likely doesn't exist, and is a figment of your imagination!

The only person who could possibly portray such an amazing, strong-willed and leadership-worthy character, is none other than...



...............Wait for it................




Reggie Fils-Aime!!

You'll never unsee it ya know.
You'll never unsee it ya know.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America may be a real person, but he's still very much a Nintendo character! From his internet memes to his entertaining YouTube Nintendo announcements, Reggie is pretty much a household face, if not name! One might argue that Shigeru Miyamoto would be Captain America. Though it's true that Shigeru invented many of our favorite Nintendo characters, it's Reggie that's behind their promotion and their permanent etching on our minds!

Look at it this way, Shigeru is like J.A.R.V.I.S. He keeps the team connected by giving them information, missions and getting them out of tough situations, all from behind the scenes. But Reggie is like Cap, in that he's on the front lines! He's with the team and leading them through the battlefield! That's why I chose Reggie as Captain America!

Now go my Nintendo Avengers! Go and protect the world from horrible games and the like!

Alright! I've officially recast the entire Avengers as popular Nintendo characters! Well, not officially, but you get what I mean. Anyway, I hope you liked my choices, and if you have some of your own, please write about them and share them with the ENTIRE WORLD!!


Which Nintendo Avenger is your favorite?


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