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In view of Tuesday's unexpected plot twist, which revealed that Harrison Wells is in fact Eobard Thawne, or as he is also known, Professor Zoom, I was left with a sense of unfulfilled expectation. I was so positive that Eddie Thawne was a Reverse Flash that I'd have been willing to stake my reputation as a superhero fanatic on it. Discovering that Wells has been the only Reverse Flash all along was in a way... kind of a major letdown. I feel that it takes away a dimension of complexity from the show because now the battle lines are pretty clearly defined whereas before, the possibility of having multiple Reverse Flashes, each with their own motives, gave the show so much more depth than it has now. But is DC really going to let the show fall flat on its face after building it up to this massive crescendo? I sincerely doubt it. I personally believe that Eddie still could be a Reverse Flash, if he's not secretly already. All he needs is a meeting with Wells, an agreement between himself and his distant relative, and a reason to hate Barry Allen. Eddie clearly already has a motive for hating Barry. That reason's name? Iris West. Eddie is no dummy. He's able to see the chemistry between Barry and Iris and knows that there's something deeper to it than just the whole "we're-foster-siblings-that-have-been-besties-for-years" thing. So, if Eddie were to find out about Wells' secret identity, how would it happen? Fairly easily, actually. If Caitlin or even a partially recovered Cisco were to divulge Wells' secret to Barry, Barry would naturally tell Joe who in turn would likely tell Eddie. Then, all that would remain would be for Eddie to set up a meeting with Wells to discuss plans for the demise of a mutual enemy. This would certainly explain why we see Eddie shooting at cops in the trailer for the rest of the season and why we see him using Barry's face as a punching bag. Needless to say, if the Thawnes team up, it could turn out to be a pretty deadly matchup for our Scarlet Speedster.

On a completely unrelated note, did anyone else notice the uncanny resemblance between Cisco's "weather wand" and the Eleventh Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver?

See the resemblance?
See the resemblance?

What do you guys think? Will Eddie and Eobard become the "Thawnes" in Barry Allen's flesh? Was the design of Cisco's weather wand a clever nod to Doctor Who? Let me know in the comments!


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