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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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Archer takes Lana on a "romantic trip" to Wales and have a run-in with some Welsh freedom fighters while the rest of the group perform surgery on Ray's hand.

Lana wakes up after having been drugged by Archer to go on a romantic getaway to Wales so Archer can make up for his affair with Katya. "Then why, IS THERE A VAGINA IN THE SINK!?" Ah classic. The [Archer](series:720985) and Lana relationship is very strange, they should not work together at all but somehow they just do. I can imagine AJ would definitely have something to do with their reunion.

Lana is still unhappy when they reach the cabin although some not-so-subtle "product placement" seems to calm her down. She feels even worse when she finds out that they are actually on a mission to help some Welsh freedom fighters. This really showcases just how obnoxious Archer is to the people around him and it's hilarious as usual.

The freedom fighters are fairly functional. The short one is a sane Archer look alike while the tall one is basically Groot. The scenes between Archer and "Groot" are quite funny, especially when they're both in the closet. If you know what I mean. When an MI5 member shows up, one of the freedom fighters pose as Lana's lover who exposes her lingerie and forces Archer to blow their cover out of jealousy. Lana solves the problem by roundhouse kicking the agent into a wall and knocks him unconscious. This jealousy is most likely to escalate and have much worse repercussions later in the season.

Meanwhile, the group has to attach a cyborg hand to Ray who recently lost it to a fight with a mutant Venus Flytrap. This season has done a great job with exploring the group element with them doing usually really weird things and acting completely stupid. It takes away from the main plot but is still entertaining. It's revealed at the end that they gave Ray an African-American hand, this might be controversial but I think it worked fine as a joke.

Archer is still a douche, Lana is both mad and madly in love with him and the team is funny as always. Combining some of the episodes with real world events has also been a bit clever. A great episode of Archer as always.


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