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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

Hello, first off I'm Yoon... First post on here so go easy on me yeah? ^^ Well don't worry im not here to talk about myself, while doing my late night tweeting i came across "Crazy Lake" - Horror film set to start filming in April. Directed by Chris Leto (No he is not related to Jared Leto.) know for his work on Rough Cut, Theatre of the Deranged II and Die Die Delta Pi (I'm not familiar with his work... or him) and Co Director Jason Henne known for his sound/editing work on films such as Claustrophobia, Desistance and M Is for Mask. Crazy Lake will integrate a blend of the 80’s and 90’s horror classics. Leading the wonderful cast is the beautiful, talented Rebecca Wapner, who took home best actress in the short film "Red Handed" at the Innovative Film Festival in Tampa, Florida.

The film is about twenty something couples who go to a cabin by the lake for a peaceful weekend, little did they know the government was secretly drowning psychopaths they can not cure, not knowing that one has escaped.. their happy weekend turns to hell pretty quick.

From what i could find out it seems like a fun little film.. Yes it's in the "B movie" arena, not any big actors and only god knows how the quality is gonna be... Still i say give it a shot when it's released. Who knows might just shock you with how good it is!


Will guys check out Crazy Lake?


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