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The Flash dropped enormous bombshells of incredible quality and super spoilers in Episode 15, so if you haven't watched that episode, 'Out of Time' yet, then - wait, you haven't watched it yet and you're reading this? Go and watch it now! It is - I will say quite confidently - one of the greatest TV episodes you will ever see, just as The Flash has solidified itself as one of the greatest superhero series - no, greatest of any superhero adaption - of all time.

It is not currently the top rated episode of [The Flash](series:1068303) on IMDb for no reason, I assure you. Just go watch it. So, that spoiler tag is over... I'll just share with you my favorite parts of that episode:

Barry revealing his secret to Iris, stopping a tsunami and breaking the time barrier within three minutes was almost too much to cope with without fainting from epic-ness. Luckily, we seemed to endure. Beyond that, there was (of course) this scene; definitely in my top favorite five scenes of all shows and movies for the last decade:

The acting is exceptional. The music is amazing. The writing is incredible. This reveal shattered any comic fans' mind and beyond, and rather than going for a goofy, apparently menacing reveal they went the emotional route, and boy did it pay off. Just awesome. Anyway, you're here for a trailer breakdown. Let's get to that (not that any sane person wouldn't want to watch the above again).


Next week's episode of The Flash, Episode 16 - if you can believe we're already that far along - will be called 'Rogue Time,' quite accurately given its content, which will again feature the Rogues!

Weather Wizard's locked up for now!

If you loved Liam Mcintyre's portrayal of Mark Mardon as much as I did, rest assured, he'll be back. For now, though, the team has other things to deal with. How did they get him so easily? Some have wondered, and the answer is that Barry probably knew exactly where to get the guy.

...which is the building Mardon used as a hideout and Joe was abducted from, a few hours in the past. I'm guessing here... but that set looks similar to the one they used for that hideout in Episode 15.I could be wrong, though. But, Barry will stop Mardon prematurely using his newfound perspective of knowing the future.

Being able to change history has risks...and Wells (Eobard Thawne) now knows everything.

You'll notice in the trailer when questioned by Cisco (yes, he'll still be alive in the new continuum, let's just clear the air!), Barry responds elusively saying he "just had a hunch." It seems he's keeping secrets from Cisco and Caitlin, while spilling everything to the one man we now know he shouldn't be telling anything to (I love this dramatic irony): Harrison Wells; or, more accurately, Eobard Thawne.

Naturally, the first thing Wells does is run to his special room to make sure that history hasn't changed too drastically - but everything seems in order for him. His plans continue to progress as they have from Episode 1, it's just that no one knows about them anymore.

On top of this, Barry says, "You were right. I screwed with time, and now time is screwing with me." So we can expect some wild timey-wimey twists.

Wells speaks about using time travel being dangerous - does he speak from experience?

Wells says in the trailer, "Whatever tragedy you think you've just averted, time will find a way to replace it." While many assume he's talking about Cisco, this is impossible, unless he can see into multiple time-streams; in this new continuum, Cisco has not been killed. But, nonetheless, that line may hold more stock than we realize.

Think back to when Joe West first suspected Wells of hiding something, and Wells revealed to him the tragic story of Tess Morgan, his wife, who died in a car accident. While Wells' recent actions call all of that into question, it's quite possible Eobard Thawne has traveled back in time to try and prevent that tragedy from occurring, and found himself stuck in this time accordingly.

But, whatever the case, Thawne needs a super fast Flash, and now that he knows Barry can time travel, his plans may have just been kicked into action.

Captain Cold is back!

In other news, if you're interested in The Flash and Arrow spin-off (which needs a name so that I can stop typing "The Flash and Arrow spin-off" every time I want to mention it) you'll know it's starring Captain Cold, but Dominic Purcell (Heatwave) also signed on just a couple of days ago. That also reinforces to me that while Victor Garber is the only one signed on at present, it's likely Robbie Amell (Ronnie Raymond) will sign on soon, too.

So is Heatwave, and Lisa Snart!

While they don't actually appear in this very trailer, the pair have been teased in various others. From the one teasing many villains to the most recent Paleyfest one - both of which I have done breakdowns on. The Paleyfest one is particularly extensive - modesty aside, I'd love if you can check it out. I think you might learn a thing or two (if not, you can just relive the awesome-ness).

We still don't know exactly what she can do, some photos seem to suggest that her gun turns her enemies into solid, or molten, gold but it's a fair guess that this version of Lisa Snart will not have meta-human powers. This puts her in the same league as Mick Rory and Leonard Snart. She'll be played by The Tomorrow People's Peyton List.

Things (still) aren't looking good for Cisco

Poor guy can't seem to catch a break from these bad guys. Let's face it, a Heatwave punch to the face has really gotta hurt. Beyond that, Cold interrogating Cisco and asking, "Who is the Flash?" may actually hold some fruit for the Rogues, because (spoiler alert)...

...If you watch the previously mentioned Paleyfest trailer, as I've got in the breakdown, Cold does say, "Good to see you again, Barry."

Perhaps this is time's way of making Cisco pay for surviving where Wells killed him in the other continuum. Whatever the case, don't fret too much... they won't kill him off twice in the course of two episodes!

Eddie Thawne's going down a dark path!

That's what you call a punch. At least Barry and Cisco can bond on their mutual experiences of having close calls with a broken nose. The scene which made an entire room of people at Paleyfest gasp collectively (hilarious) is in this episode, in the form of Eddie turning on Barry. But, out of what? Jealousy? This seems the most likely option given his comments to Iris about being too close to Barry in the last episode.

This leads me to wonder if this will be the episode that has the other Eddie Thawne shocker of the Paleyfest promo - it's a tad bigger, more evil and more spoiler-y in nature than this one, so click at your own risk, but it doesn't give anything huge away.

And that's about all I, who spent a couple of hours writing ultimate geek guides on two two-minute trailers, to put it into perspective, can pull from this trailer. There's only so much you can get from thirty seconds! Did I miss something huge? Let me know! If not, and if you're an Arrow fan, you can have a look at the breakdown for 'Suicidal Tendencies' here. Otherwise, do your best to hold out until next Tuesday without withdrawal Have a great weekend! Maybe re-watch 'Out of Time' 52 times? I know I'm going to!


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