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has released their second television spot promotion and since our anticipation for this (hopefully!) masterpiece expands more and more, from each teaser we get from Joss Whedon, the more we get excited!

This is possibly Avengers 2's final promotional teaser and that's why I have created this article to list down five trivial facts and somewhat important things we have found from the trailer! And for those who haven't seen this yet, here`s what you want to see!

So, without further ado, let`s start the kickoff!

The 5 Most Interesting Things We Have Learned from the TV Spot 2 Avengers 2 Trailer!

1. Tony Stark gets more badass.

No! I don`t want to see Ultron to be created!
No! I don`t want to see Ultron to be created!

" We are all set up, boss!" Maria Hill exclaims after the Quinjet arrives to the Stark Landing Database of the whole headquarters.

Stark looks back, twitching his eyebrows and saying with pointing at the Cap, "Actually he`s the boss." Cap suspiciously looks at Stark. Stark then adds to his reply once again, "I just pay for everything..." (shows Hawkeye playing with his toys like his killer claws, flame shooting arrows and his classy arrows)... "And I design everything..." (shows the Hulkbuster Suit suiting up itself in another giant suit)... "And make everyone look cool..." (shows badass Black Widow jump out of a fast flying hellicarrier and land on a car filled road running in high speed with a frigging S.H.I.E.L.D motorcycle!)

Yep, you got that right. If twelve seconds show how at extreme heights Tony Stark can show this much of Clint Eastwood grouchiness, then oh, boy, two hours could blow our minds! Watch up to 0:00-0:12.

2. The Avengers Go Full Throttle

Moneyshot brings money to moneymaker Whedon!!!
Moneyshot brings money to moneymaker Whedon!!!

Well, maybe we saw a lot of this and maybe it`s cliched now, but nonetheless, nobody can dote on it anymore! This epic money shot is just another familiar thing! We get to see Ultron once again blabbering (in a sinister way) that the Avengers have no possible way to beat the shit out of him, plus, the coolest, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, shows an epic and a badass clip of him in his cocky face with his villian-like smile, saying, "Show em what you got!" And then, boom! This thing once again is what we get to see....

Also what you get to see is Captain America using his gear on his weaponized glove that is supposed to be some adamantium magnet because when it glowed like twilight blues, the shield immediately rose out to his hand. So basically, this beauty on his gloves can from a distant 20 meter attract the heavy metal shield. Too much Marvelish but surely it satisfies and pleads most audiences.

But this is not the case here. This is real proof that the battle in Marvel`s The Avengers is like killing an ant if compared to this! New weapons, serious action, shortage of puns and running gags as in the first movie and passionate fighting skills obviously refers to hardcore performance, derived from the superhero gang. Skadoosh!

3. Solo Character Briefing

2nd Poster for a reference.
2nd Poster for a reference.

Except for The Vision, of course, all of the character are briefed and given a slight introduction, topped with some of their coolest scenes.

Iron Man: The first scene is not too cool. But a bit cool. So if it`s cool, it`ll be cool. So, no question about coolness here anymore. It`s the one hand attack while he is attacking a several bunch of people, who are in frightened qualities, rolling down the floor like a Justin Bieber song. However, the second scene is amazing. It displays Stark uphigh with his Avengers 2 suit which also kinda looks like the comics Iron Man [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) collaboration suit, although I`m pretty sure they have no relation with the GOTG superdudes and Chris Pratty Pratt.

Captain America: The fairest scene of them all! He is like the Cinderella of all of the lands if compared as the best man in the best briefing! He be like:

Imma running on mah high speed motorlla, targeting some frigging enemies, they shootin` guns, I be like, woo-hoo, losers! Then I stand on mah high speed toy and then bammorolla! Hahaha! I throw my motorcycle at those five enemies and I`m dancing like that Gangnam Style Dude! Then I throw some awesome punchline where I be like, which of ya sleepin` or somethin`! Honestly, I don`t remember what I said at the end because of my extreme coolness! Woo hoo, I am derp!

Although there is no reference of Psy.

Black Widow: Well, she`s just the regular her. Punching some stupid enemies as if she`s licking on an ice cream and then give the rest of it to Banner because she does not like the taste. Then out of a sudden, which is my favorite part, another of her scene arouses, she sneeks to the Hulk from the back and says, "Hey, Big Guy!" and then like a drunk but powerful titan, Hulk says, "HAAH! HAAH!!!"

Hulk: Hulk, here acts like a giant, cool streaker who is out on a rampage on a soccer field but except for one thing; unlike streakers, he does not want the camera to see his face.

Thor: Okay, this ties with Cap`s briefing. Just like baseball or tennis or badminton or cricket or a ball throwing game, Thor does good usage of his and Cap`s weapons. Thor throws his ball (Mjolnir) to Cap with an uppercut swing and Cap without a sweat bashes it out of the field with his bat (shield) and then scores a homerun (hits several Ultron droids and robots). Then he says a punchline. Interesting crap...

Hawkeye: Least liked although the character is amazing, Hawkeye`s briefing includes him shooting an arrow, saying some inspirational quotes to the Maximoff Twins and yadayada.

Ultron: Wages war. The end.

And finally....

4. The Maximoff Twins Briefing

Incestious relationship. Meh!
Incestious relationship. Meh!

I know! The Maximoff twins deserve a whole different categorization as Number 4 because they`re grand characters and are not much seen! Plus, we get to know more about them!

Not being misogynistic at all but what I`m trying to explain is that Scarlet Witch`s scene wasn`t satisfying and ranks with Hawkeye as the worst but oh, Quicksilver! D`oh! A whole new excitement!

HE LITERALLY BAMS ULTRON TWISTED with his superspeed ability and; yep, we finally find another source of information; he`s apparently either French, or Spanish, or German or just originates from the Mexican regions. His accent tells so! I suspect that he is either from South America or the Northeastern European regions.

5. THE LEAST IMPORTANT BUT VERY IMPORTANT. Ultron wages orthodox and BLOODY war.

Minimalist at it`s best!!!
Minimalist at it`s best!!!

Yep. We got all sources that a war was going to be created. But what kind of war?

Well, seemingly, from every single Avengers 2 promotional advertisements, one thing that appeared in all of them was Ultron waging war and fighting the Avengers, even if some of them had included partial details.

Disturbed by the fact that this is the only content that appears in every single trailer, I realized that the war against the Avengers with A.I superpowered Ultron was not going to be orthodox; it was going to be bloody.

Cap lets a man die, also becomes excessively violent, an Avenger is confirmed dying, Ultron almost blows up a city, kills over hundreds of people, almost breaks a bridge and shatters the hopes of the Avengers which will ultimately lead to the Civil War... I guess we know that non-violent people will cry like a puny toddler when this movie will be played on theatres.

So, here it is! The five interesting facts which are not trivial from the Avengers 2 trailer! Also, this is my article! So, lets just create a conclusion as every authors do. Do I have a point?

Awkward.... Plus, I also apologize for the unsensitive roughing that I have edited.... Well, apologized?


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