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I am Vinay Tankoliya. I am electronics engineer, and the great thing about me is that i am better in mechanical engineering. so i am perfect
Vinay Tankoliya

Hello guys.. I'm Vinay Tankoliya, a huge Iron Man fan from India!

In 2009, my friend gave me a movie and said (in Gujarati):

"Hollywood nu chhe, jovu hoi to joje nahitar delete kari nakhje."

I watched the movie... and it hit my mind and my heart. The movie was, of course, Iron Man!

I am so impressed that I watched it repeatedly, almost once in two days, repeat and repeat and repeat! It inspired me to try and become that character in my real life, so i started working on my very own Iron man suit!

First, I made an 'ARC Reactor' and the 'Hand Re-pulsars'. After that, I made the 'Hand missile system' from Iron man's MK-3 Suit.

In 2010, Iron man 2 was released. I watched it and observed the mechanism of War machine's M-134 machine gun. I decided to make my own 'M-134 war Machine gun gadget'. Iron Man 2's MK-6 suit was so beautiful and nicely designed (with the triangle Arc reactor) that I decided to make my own!

I decided to make this using cardboard fit personally to my measurements. But that wasn't enough! Eventually, I decided to make my own real iron man suit using metal! It took me eight to nine months, but I'm now finally ready to suit up!

You can watch all of my work here!

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