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Of all the films and film studios in the world, I think it would be fair to say that Disney has probably had one of the biggest impacts on audiences world wide. After bursting on to screens in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven, Disney has endured many ups and downs over the past 80 years, ultimately becoming what it is today. With such huge success it seems like Disney will always have a firm place in our hearts and minds, and nowhere is this more evident then on the internet where Tumblr users in particular love Disney films and all that comes with them.

Take a look at the times that Tumblr took Disney films and interpreted them all in their own special way:

1. When They Altered This 'Frozen' Scene To Make It More Realistic

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Let's be honest though, Anna and Elsa aren't the only ones reacting this way when chocolate is in the vicinity.

2. When They Thoroughly Explained The Dynamics Of Medieval F tairies

I have to say, this really changed the way I saw Maleficent! After all, we've all got that one relative we'd rather not invite to parties or Christmas lunch but have to in order to keep the family peace. Basically the King and Queen threw Maleficent some serious shade by denying her an invite, what did they expect to happen?!

3. When They Paused 'Frozen' At A Pretty Intense Moment

That girl has a pretty strong right hook!

4. When They Backed Winnie The Pooh's Right To Bear Arms 100%

It's like the commenter d-i-s-n-3-y-m-a-g-i-c hasn't even read or seen Winnie the Pooh before, what else would he need it for?!

5. When They Were All About The Subtitles

Hay girl!

6. When They Got Real

Well, they're not wrong.

7. When They Inadvertently Gave The Best Reason For A Hair Cut

Next time I get my hair cut short I'm definitely using the Mulan reason, plus it'll give me a reason to cut all the people who don't understand Disney references out of my life...

8. When They Came To This Realization About Mickey

This picture has done the round plenty of time (and gets me every time), but it was the reasoning that Mickey was comforting Kermit because he remembered how sad he was when Walt died that really twisted that knife in my gut. So emotional!

9. When They Blatantly Just Wanted Us To Cry

Well, if the picture of Mickey comforting Kermit wasn't bad enough, let this heart-wrenching Lilo & Stitch reduce you to a puddle of tears and sadness.

Which is your favorite Tumblr post?



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