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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

For an obsessive rationalist such as myself, things that defy the boundaries of logical reasoning tend to terrifying me. Our greatest fears stem from fear of the unknown, which is why these photos - all snapshots into an unfamiliar alter-reality - are so damn freaky.

Those looking for an explanation have come to the wrong place. The myriad questions these photos pose remain unanswered. Embrace the downright bizarre and scroll down...if you dare.

1. Blank stare

2. If you go down to the woods today...

...make sure you avoid this guy

3. Who said that?

4. What a beautiful dress

5. I've got a present for you

6. The faceless horde

7. Trick or treat

8. Icy depths

9. What a beautiful ceremo-NOPE!

10. Ghost town

11. Micky's henchmen

12. The mushroom man

13. The masked maid

[Via: ViralNova, Reddit]


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