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Executive Producer of hit show [The Walking Dead](series:201193), Gale Anne Hurd has a pet project she wants to get off the ground. It's a documentary that will be called Mankiller, telling the story of Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Of course, documentaries cost money... a fairly large chunk of change, to be frank. It's harder to raise money for a documentary, at times, due to the fact that they aren't normally as likely to be super successful. Well, it's 2015 and Kickstarter projects are a legitimate and viable option now for many creators - and, with the fanbase of The Walking Dead, Hurd has made a serious push to get help with her project's funding.

You can check out the Kickstarter page for more details. They're already well on their way to the goal of $150,000.

So, why donate? Well, there are perks, my friend...

Donate $750 and you can get a personalized outgoing voicemail message from Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon), or Danai Gurari (Michonne).

Donate $1000 and you can have a spaghetti dinner with Scott Wilson (Herschel Green).

Donate $3000 and you will get either a milk and cookies date with Melissa McBride (Carol) or a day at the shooting range with Michael Rooker (safety waiver required).

Got serious money to blow though...?

DONATE $10,000 and you get a ticket to The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere in October and access to the exclusive VIP after-party!

Smaller pledge rewards include signed The Walking Dead Blu-Rays and DVDs, tickets to a live taping of @midnight, a social media shoutout from cast members and more!


I think this is a very cool idea. It just seems like you've gotta have some pretty serious coin to make a lot of these donations. I think it shows a lot about how close the entire TWD team is to see them all rally to help Gale Anne Hurd accomplish her goal, though.

I hope they reach the goal and that the doc gets made. I'll be interested to check it out.

Will you be donating? Anybody here got 10 Gs lying around?

(Via: IGN)


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