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Now, while the Marvel Cinematic Universe may not be rigidly wedded to keeping its character costumes exactly as they were in the original comics, it has so far shown a remarkable dedication to adapting them for the screen as faithfully as humanly possible.

Which is why, with Daredevil so close from hitting our screens via Netflix, with a whole bunch of promotional material now floating around the internet relating to it, it's actually kind of surprising - and a little concerning - that we're yet to see any sign of his classic red outfit. Is it actually possible that we're set to see Daredevil stick with his black, Ninja-like threads for the whole series?

Y'know, these ones.
Y'know, these ones.

Well, thankfully, from the looks of the latest 'motion poster' (though, at 35 seconds long, poster isn't really the word I'd use to describe it), we are indeed going to see Daredevil don an outfit a whole lot more like this...

...than this... the time the series comes to a close.

The big clue? The reflection you can see Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock (Daredevil himself) casting in this here 'poster':

Which, from the looks of things, is in possession of a distinct set of horns, and a look a whole lot closer to his comic-book costume than anything we've yet seen. Which, in context, sure makes it seem as though it's a reveal we can expect to see by the very end of the series...

The question now? When will we see it arrive? And, for that matter, will it actually be the deep red of the comics, or a darker, more black-infused variation on it?

Fortunately, we'll find out pretty darned soon, when Netflix releases the whole season on April 10...

What do you think, though? Will we really see the original Daredevil costume? If so, when will it arrive? And just what else can we expect to see?



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