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Just when we were beginning to think Inhumans was the most out-there Marvel movie we'd see this decade, someone only had to go and trump it...

Variety is reporting that there's a brand new Marvel movie on the horizon - one that more-or-less no-one was expecting. The reason? It's not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - or, for that matter, the Spider, X-, or Fantastic Universe's...

Instead, what we're about to see is something a little different. Based on a comic by Ron Harris, released under Marvel's creator-owned Epic line, this is the sort of Marvel story the MCU most likely wouldn't ever make - and might just be all the better for it.

The comic-book (and now movie)?

Crash Ryan...

Released back in 1984, the mini-series was a sort-of semi-Steam Punk take on the adventures of Flash Gordon - with a solid dash of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure. Featuring giant airships and flying airports, the comic saw intrepid pilot Crash Ryan find himself involved in a battle between a dastardly villain named 'the Doom,' and the noble United Airmen who opposes him.

Which, in case your wondering, does indeed kind of sound a little bit like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. With a bit of luck, though, producer Ryan Heppe will aim for a tone a little closer to the modern MCU than the old-school serials, giving the kind of rip-roaring adventure our parents (or, in fact, grandparents) grew up on the chance to shine on the big screen once more.

It's impossible to know how it'll work out, but Heppe's description of the already completed 50-page outline for the movie - "It’s an incredible canvas, but what attracted me was the redemption story: a man who can’t save himself being tasked with saving the world" - seems like a pretty good start to me...

What do you think, though? Will Crash Ryan capture that Marvel magic, or go down in flames? Who'd you like to see play the intrepid airman? And what other lesser-known comics deserve a movie adaptation?

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