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Ok, so we all knew it would happen sometime in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and that once Stefan would follow Caroline in flipping his humanity switch, all hell would break loose and anything would be possible.

Yet, I totally wasn't prepared for just how hot Ripper Stefan and a non-humanity Caroline would be.

Following their escapades of seductive blood-sucking and flirty games involving wooden stake stabbing, Salvatore remains committed to his mission to show her how a "vampire with no humanity is supposed to act." And as the sexual tension rocketed, we finally got the intense hook up we have been waiting for all this time!

Ultimately, she agrees that Stefan's way of life is much better and that she's very much into engaging in hot and meaningless sex. Because, why not right?

Who would have thought that just a little bit of bloodlust and zero emotions would result in such a passionate hook-up by a fire-place?

Bite into their hot and heavy moment like a big, succulent steak below:

Now that Stefan has seduced her in the bedroom, do you think his determination to mess up her one-year humanity-free plan will pay off? Personally, I think that he might succeed in luring her over to the dark side, despite all her efforts to resist. This is partly because I'm worryingly a sucker for destructive behaviour but also because it would be SO fun to watch.

Steroline was a bit of light-relief from the remainder of the episode

Whilst we indulged in a bit of steamy action in between the sheets, the rest of the episode also delivered in terms of action. Whilst Damon was running around trying to find a way to bring Mama Salvatore so she can save Stefan from his down-spiralling Ripper demise, she had other ideas.

Lily agrees to help but only if she could bring her coven of blood-lusting vamp buddies back with her. Unsurprisingly, Damon's not too keen on the idea.

However, he managed to bring his mother back without them and Elena finally met the woman who created "the two epic loves" of her life.

There's just so much to be solved and so many questions that need to be answered! I just can't wait until the next episode but thankfully I have the extended promo to satisfy myself for now. Take a peek:

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