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It was one of the greatest mysteries in the Star Wars universe - one which, years ago, the Expanded Universe had seemingly answered. Now, though, with the legendary saga's canon reset to only feature the movies and recent TV shows, the question has returned once more: Just what happened after the Death Star was destroyed at the end of Return of the Jedi?

Now, in the Expanded Universe, the resulting power vacuum created both a whole lot of trouble for our heroes - and some of the best Star Wars novels yet written. For the new continuity, though, the sky - or, rather, the endless vacuum of space - is the limit...

Which is why, not coincidentally...

We're About to Find Out Exactly What Happened After the Death Star Blew Up

The reason? One of the many (20!) new Star Wars books and comics set to be released by Lucasfilm - Del Rey Books' Star Wars: Aftermath, written by Chuck Wendig - is set to point its plot-targeting computer squarely in the direction of the days following the fall of the Emperor.

Which, as the book's official description suggests, sounds like a pretty bumpy ride:

"The second Death Star has been destroyed. Rumors are flying that the Emperor and his enforcer, Darth Vader, are dead. A new government is forming to replace the Empire. But the galaxy is a big place, and the fallout of this cataclysm will affect different worlds in different ways. Does everyone accept the fall of Imperial rule? Has everyone even heard the life-altering news? What rushes in to fill the vacuum the Empire has left? And who will try to stop them?"
This guy?
This guy?

It won't be released until September - but that arguably gives us all-the-more time to speculate as to just what it'll feature. Considering Wendig's description of his motivation to write the novel, though...

"My earliest — and still one of my best — movie-going experiences as a kid was being a four-year-old watching The Empire Strikes Back at a drive-in theater with my sister…My jaw dropped and I don’t think I’ve found it, yet. Those movies opened up a world for me, and my love of storytelling comes from them and from the galaxy of smaller, connected stories, too — from the toys to the games to the books. In fact, one of the first novels I ever read was the novelization of A New Hope. I have a son who will in a few short months be my age when I saw Empire, so to be involved with the Star Wars universe just as the new film is coming out — it feels like not only something akin to kismet, but a great and powerful privilege."

... along with the fact that at least on fan-favorite character from the original trilogy will reportedly be returning, we should, perhaps, expect something pretty darned fan-serving and awesome - with a solid dash of Episode VII-teasing thrown in for good measure.

Or, at least, here's hoping (for Thrawn)!

What do you reckon, though? Excited to finally find out what officially happened after the Death Star's destruction? Just what do you think that'll be? And how will it connect to Episode VII?

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