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After Christian Bale dropped out and the Sony hack released crucial behind-the-scenes information about production, Michael Fassbender signed on to play the role of Steve Jobs in the official biopic based on his biography.

We've seen onset photos from Steve Jobs featuring Michael Fassbender in costume filming scenes with Seth Rogen. Now, an Instagram user named seannung has posted what appears to be a prop poster featuring Fassbender as Jobs. Check it out below.

Compared to the walking photos, it's refreshing to see this film's version of Jobs doing something related to his revolutionary career. The poster highlights his big post-Apple product, NeXT. The tagline was originally used for the 1988 NeXT launch, but Jobs wasn't featured in it.

As much as I enjoy Fassbender's performances, I'm not seeing much of Steve Jobs in this. It helps to have the context of the late 80s advertisement, but this just reads as Fassbender to me. He could still do a great job embodying the tech visionary, but considering we've already seen a couple stellar Jobs impersonators, this is a stark difference

So what do you think? Who's the best Jobs?

Along with Fassbender, Noah Wyle played Steve Jobs in a TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley and Ashton Kutcher played him in the widely panned Jobs. Based on the reception of these other films, however, clearly a striking similarity is not enough to carry a movie. We'll have to wait for the trailer to see if Fassbender captures the confidence and candor that Steve Jobs was known for.

[Steve Jobs](movie:267874) is scheduled to open on October 9, 2015.

Do you think Michael Fassbender make an effective Steve Jobs?


How much does resemblance matter when an actor is portraying a real person?


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