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The incomprehensible has happened! The inconceivable has occurred!! Final Fantasy 15 has been released for players to actually play in the form of its Duscae demo. And yes, it's totally worth your time. The game is sensationally beautiful on the Xbox One and PS4, and if you take your time, you'll actually be able to get a good few hours out of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae.

But we've already heard how Kingdom Hearts 3 has actually inspired sections of Final Fantasy 15, including its combat. But there is so much in the Final Fantasy 15 Episode Duscae demo that I want to see in KH3 on its release date! Here are just a few features we'd love on the XBOX One and PS4 .

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Final Fantasy 15 Duscae Demo & Kingdom Hearts 3

Considering the fact that Episode Duscae is a "demo", I can't really believe the amount of content it has packed into its few hours. It shows a fair few issues of course, there is no way this game will get a 2015 release date. But on the whole, Final Fantasy XV shows serious promise.

Its characters are a lot of fun, the world is enormous and beautiful, the combat system (though very simplistic at the moment) is wonderfully animated and the environment feels lived in. Square Enix have done an excellent job of combining what makes both Japanese RPGs and Western RPGs unique and so enjoyable. And Kingdom Hearts 3 has hopefully taken notes. Or who knows? Maybe Final Fantasy 15's Episode Duscae demo took them from KH3!

Kingdom Hearts 3 & FF15 Party Interactions

Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

One thing about Kingdom Hearts that is a bit unusual, is that Sora, Donald and Goofy travel to all of these wonderful worlds together, though never really interact or chat outside of cutscenes and the occasional shouts during combat. This moment above shows off how Final Fantasy 15's characters feel like they know each other. It makes them seem a lot closer and deepens their relationship and character in subtle ways. Also, it looks freakin' cool!

I'd love to see Donald or Goofy give Sora a high-five after a particularly trying battle in KH3. Or even help out the way we see these FF15 characters lending a hand. Team work is hopefully a focus for Square Enix with Kingdom hearts 3. It'll help us connect with Sora and Donald a lot more when we take the role of Sora once more!

Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3

Have you SEEN this Final Fantasy 15 summon?! It is absolutely insane! It's one of the greatest things to ever hit Video Games people!!! If there is anything that even eclipses the awesomeness of this moment in Kingdom Hearts 3, the game can only benefit from it! But which Disney character could unleash a summon like this?! Genie? Bambi?!?!

So, have any of you out there played the Final Fanatsy 15 Episode Duscae demo? Are you enjoying it? Be sure to let us know in the comments if you think it'd be a good idea to see these details in Kingdom Hearts 3 on its release date for the Xbox One and PS4!


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