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Okay, this is my first review, and i did this review because i have just seen this film, and it was the last movie I saw in a cinema. I was delighted when i saw this movie, because at that month, the movies at the local cinema was awful (Jupiter Ascending, etc).. And now, let's get to the point

Kingsman the secret service, tells us the story about an Independent secret agency, looking for a replacement of a dead agent, while battling a classic type of bond villain, A rich genius man with a plan to destroy the world.

Colin Firth was amazing on this film, of course we can expect that from an academy award winner. He had that old James Bond charm on his Character, I simply loved it. Taron Egerton also gave an amazing performance as Eggsy, i loved it. Sam L Jackson, as usual, was funny, and brutal at the same time, i loved his part.

I think, the style of this movie used the Tarantino style, you know, a lot of violence, blood, jokes, cool dialogue, and movie references. You know what ? it works. Vaughn created a mix between Bond Films and Tarantino's Style, creating a splendid flick that the audiences loved. Vaughn is terrific

But, no movie is flawless, and this movie had it flaws. The effects were, well, it's okay, but it's not top notch.. The muzzle flash was kinda funny, compared to other movies with equal budgets. And there's this nonsense violence that happened on screen, i don't know if it was meant to be that way because it's a comedy film, but i don't really like nonsense violence. Thankfully, the plot, the cast, the directing, and the tarantino style saved this movie from it's flaw. I was quite disappointed that this film doesn't had the Bond quote "Shaken not stirred" because this film was supposed to be a homage and a spoof and a parody to Bond Films, but that's just me

I loved the way how they shot this film, especially at the church scene, but the bar fight scene makes me dizzy. Overall, i loved the cinematography

This movie is an excellent choice for those who liked bond films, and also to those who liked Tarantino films. It's a must watch film on 2015, and i guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this Matthew Vaughn's flick.


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