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Hey guys, I am quite new to the Moviepilot creators team. Till now I have published only 5 articles but I have been a follower of Moviepilot for a very long time, and in that duration I have noticed a pattern, a series of articles on the exact same topic, stating "Is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice overcrowded?" and "Why Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a wrong move."

Well, it is understandable as to why people feel insecure about WB/DCE's plans on the shared movie franchise, and jump starting it with Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice. And here are some of the reasons or opinions stated by fans and moviegoers on why "Batman vs. Superman is overcrowded or a wrong move":

  • They are rushing
  • Superman is being betrayed by WB.
  • They are introducing way too many characters in one single movie
  • Characters do not get their solo movies to shine before a crossover team event movie
  • Fans do not get to see the characters fully and thus fans won't get attached to or develop a preference for the character when they finally appear in an ensemble movie

These are some of the opinions that are flying around the Internet right from the movie's announcement. And now I'll take this opportunity and say why those opinions are wrong! Starting with...

They Aren't Rushing

To make it sound easier, WB/DCE has their own way of building this universe and not replicating Marvel's Phase 1 formula, yet maintaining the same level of cohesiveness, one may ask how is it even possible, well let me explain.

As we know, Man of Steel was the first movie in this franchise and that movie sets up the stage for Batman v Superman in a very organic and natural way instead of being shoehorned or rushed, this may sound weird to some, but let me explain.

Man of Steel was essentially the first alien contact/invasion story in that universe and that resulted in the death of 5000 metropolitan citizens, (according to Zack Snyder) massive property damage over 4-6 blocks and there's still a god like alien flying around them in a blue and red costume and no one knows if Kyptonians might return again for another invasion (yes, the world doesn't know Krypton got destroyed). Combined together, these are the most frightening concepts for everyone living in that universe and it's extremely safe to say that the events of Man of Steel had it's impact all throughout the DC world. To put it in simpler terms, what would happen if a bunch of crazy aliens stopped over Sydney and caused havoc. It would be a big deal, right? The entire world would be frightened, and now that's the approach Zack and WB are taking into consideration for this franchise.

An invasion of that scale would have a tremendous impact and the entire world governments would be scratching their collective heads over this but on the other hand the so called "Supers" would like to know more about what really happened and who's this so called Superman and what are his intentions and coming from that perspective, is our Dark Knight The Batman himself. And in that regard, this movie is a dual narrative from the perspective of both Batman and Superman and thus this movie isn't a rush up at all ! And now to the next one.

An epic battle, that fans were craving for.
An epic battle, that fans were craving for.

Superman is not being betrayed by WB

At the core, this movie is still a Superman/Clark Kent centric story , a story that deals with how Superman/Clark Kent overcomes his struggles and how he's finally being accepted by the world that was fearing and probably hating him till that point of time. To make it sound simpler, [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), is a dual narrative from the perspective of both Captain America and Iron Man, yet the main focus of the story is Captain America and apply the same logic to this movie, problem solved !

They are indeed introducing many characters but in a logical and organic way

I have already justified how Batman's inclusion is organic to his movie's story and I'll do the same to the others supers being introduced in this movie. But before that, let me clarify one thing, I have been following every single news about this movie till this point both official ones and even those rumors from Badass Digest, 4Chan, Latino Review and from other anonymous sources from around the web, and after seeing all those articles it kinda creates a pattern of recurring themes (I am not taking about the fake script details at all) so with all those news, some details became somewhat clear to me and i'll explain it right here.

Wonder Woman plays a supporting role, similar to that of [Black Widow](movie:1070824) from Iron man 2 and she has a screen time of something between 15-20 minutes. And her rumored reason to make a public appearance in this movie is "To protect the man's world" after what went down in the events of [Man of Steel](movie:15593). Basically she's said to be the political emissary/ambassador from Themyscira. ([Wonder Woman](movie:45787)'s mystical home island) And this sounds really organic to the story.

NOTE: It was recently confirmed by Zack Snyder that, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are looking for the exact same thing in this movie, we don't know what it is but we now know that their vision is common, thus making their journeys and character arcs cohesive and organic.

Badass, isn't it.
Badass, isn't it.

So apart from her every other super dude has only a short cameo, Aquaman is said to have a very brief cameo and Victor Stone doesn't even transform into Cyborg (he's being introduced as his human counter part first) and even he has a pretty short cameo, And there's no concrete news about a cameo from Flash or Green lantern yet, so the chances of them appearing are quite low, because an actor for Green Lantern haven't been finalized yet and Ezra Miller was no where to be found on the sets of Batman vs Superman but if Zack played everything secretly and even if they appear I expect them to have a cameo similar to that of [Aquaman](movie:264237) and Victor Stone, basically the cameos aren't big enough and can be classified as extras.

But here's the real question if they are just extras type cameos, why would they even want to introduce these people, the answer is pretty simple, Zack and others involved in Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman constantly said, "Superman is the first superhero in this world and everyone else pops up latter" and there is no better way to showcase how all these super humans pop up than in an event movie that directly deals with the "superhuman/super hero issues in an international political landscape".

They are not introduced in solo movies first but fans will end up liking these characters anyhow.

This might sounds like a BS, but let me explain, Yes apart from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman no one else gets a sizable screen time or a solo movie to flesh out their character before Justice League and people would claim, because of this no one might root for the characters appearing in Justice League nor would they understand them, And now that's BS ! you know why, let me explain.

There were tons and tons of people (regular/general moviegoers) who directly watched The Avengers without watching any of those 5 solo movies that came before the ensemble team event and after being blown away by the awesomeness of The Avengers those people backtracked to those solo movies and watched them in DVD/Blu Ray. Now what does it mean, it simply means majority didn't even know about who Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury or Iron Man was or what they stood for yet they enjoyed [The Avengers](movie:9040) and they liked those characters! And post Avengers every single outing from Marvel Studios got a significant boost in Box Office performance, as people decided to watch all if not most of the solo movies from [Marvel](channel:932254) so that they stay updated. And now if i am a rival studio what would i do, "I will simply learn from these experiences and make a better business"

That is, I will introduce my characters in a massive event type movie which is Batman vs Superman and expand their roles and flesh it out even more in an even bigger event film, Justice League and then give them a solo movie of their own. it's a risk free move in both creative and financial terms, because Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice and Justice League are huge event movies, and no one would ever miss it out and it will draw million and millions to the theaters and thus it's pretty safe to say that every one would watch those two movies and will get to know about that universe and characters and will develop a liking to those characters and once that happens the solo movies are sure to attract huge crowds to the theater and everyone gets to know the story of these characters without missing it, just like what happened to the solo movies of Phase 2 marvel movies, instead of missing the solo movies of Marvel's Phase 1.


Do you believe Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is the right move forward.


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