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MoviePilot it running a contest to win for a Lego set as well as a Nintendo 3DS XL, the parameters of the contest is to recast the Avengers and give your reasons. These are my choices for the a new Avengers Team. (Because AAU hasn't come out yet, none of the new characters will be recast in this.)

1. Iron Man

Iron Man is a hard pick because of the fact that there are two ways you can go with him. 1. The fun and light jokester Tony Stark, or 2. The determined and serious Tony Stark. Marvel evidently went with the latter. However since this is my recasting the personalities will change as well and I prefer a more determined and serious Tony Stark. My Choice would be:

Iron Man - Bradley Cooper

Now I know a lot of you are thinking "ugh that's horrible" but he has shown his skills in playing a serious actor in The American Sniper and he can definitely pull off the self made billionaire vibe. I think he'd be perfect for a serious and more scientific Iron Man.

2. Thor

Chris Hemsworth is a great choice for Thor but there is definitely another person who could be the God of Thunder and that is:

Thor - Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

Not only does he have the build for Thor his name already has Thor in it! He was made for this role *sighs internally*

3. Bruce Banner AKA: The Hulk

Again another excellent acting choice with Mark Ruffalo but if there was another chance I might go with someone a bit skinnier and a bit more nerdy someone like:

The Hulk - James McAvoy

James McAvoy can play a good Bruce Banner, he's of smaller stature than Mark Ruffalo and as seen in X-Men Days of Future Past he can obviously play someone who is scared of himself.

4. Black Widow

This one is hard, Scarlet Johansson portrays exactly what everyone wants in Black Widow, her bad assery is hard to be matched. However if there could be anyone to play Black Widow it should definitely be:

Black Widow - Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt proved her own bad assery in The Edge of Tomorrow and it can match up to Scarlet Johansson's she would be an excellent choice as a recast for Black Widow.

5. Hawkeye

I know not everyone like Hawkeye but he is definitely one of my favorite Avengers, but he was cast as a serious actor instead of a funny and outgoing one that Hawkeye is known for. Jeremy Renner is a good choice for a serious Hawkeye but I want to stay true to the comics so for Hawkeye I'd definitely choose:

Hawkeye - Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenaal has played quite a few iconic rolls and had shown his comedic side, I think he'd be an excellent choice for a recasting of Hawkeye.

6. Captain America

Definitely one of the hardest choices, Chris Evans has proved again and again that he is the choice for this character. However I prefer the comic Captain America who is a little more harsh and prefers to do things right. For that reason I have to replace Chris with:

Captain America - Jensen Ackles

As proved with his 9 season in the hit TV show Supernatural Ackles can be in it for the long haul and he is good on a team as well as being a serious actor. I think he would have been a great choice for Captain America.


Nick Fury

Now I know most of you are thinking, Nick Fury does NOT need to be recast from Samuel L. Jackson, but I think it would have been cool to have the original Nick Fury in there and then replace him with Nick Fury Jr. later. So for Nick Fury I've gotta pick:

Nick Fury - Liam Neeson

I'm sure most of you guess this, he would be perfect if you gave him an eye patch. He has time and time again proved himself to be perfect for the role, good with a gun we could put him into the action. If they ever do a reboot I'll be looking for Neeson.

Maria Hill

Cobie Smulders is a good actress but I would much much rather of had:

Maria Hill - Ming Na Wen

Uuugh, she would have been so perfect for Maria Hill, with her fighting skills as well as her ability to take control of a situation she would have been a great for Marvel Civil War! Cobie Smulders could have definitely have traded places with Ming, and personally I think she should have.


What do you think? Who was the best replacement?


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