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February has been a quiet month for gaming. And for those gamers out there that constantly need to be in the middle of playing something, the Souls series has been a perfect candidate leading up to From Software's Bloodborneon PS4 . If I wasn't absolutely dying to play Bloodborne, and I could exercise any kind of restraint, I think I'd actually wait to replay [Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin](tag:2768294) on the PS4 before diving into this new exclusive.

The Souls series have a great development flow. You can see the old ideas of Demon's Souls in all of them, and how they've each taken their own stance on the RPG genre. It's a pleasure to watch them grow chronologically. Personally, last night finally saw me complete Demon's Souls for the first time, and with that dark, dreary world in the back of my mind, I'm ready to see what Hidetaka Miyazaki will bring with Bloodborne. But which Souls game is your poison?

Demon's Souls, Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2

Demon's Souls
Demon's Souls

Dark Souls, was my welcoming introduction to the world of From Software on the PS3, and I've had some weird things happen to me while played this series. It tested me in ways I'd never imagined, and showed me a consistency of tone and vision that I'd never really encountered in gaming before. Going back and playing Demon's Souls showed me a lot of where Dark Souls' ideas came from, but also how it expanded upon them and improved aspects of its predecessor.

Bloodborne is said to be very close to Miyazaki's Demon's Souls. I'm sure we'll have the same introduction phase, one where we are mercilessly killed as we adjust to how the game wants us to play it. We'll have to adapt to a whole new set of rules for Bloodborne, and I can't wait to master its learning curve.


Was Dark Souls II Your Favourite Souls Game?

So which Souls game did you enjoy the most? Which title tested your abilities to no end? Do you think each instalment has improved upon its predecessor? Or is Demon's Souls still the king? Be sure to let us know what your Souls journey has been like!

Though I'd love to wait and replay Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin, Bloodborne gets its release date in a matter of days, and I shall definitely not be waiting around to play it. Will you be getting both of these game on the PS4? Sound off in the comments Souls fans, we're in for a torturous few weeks!


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